Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A very Speedy birth story.

Nearly 11 weeks later and I have told this story a heap of times.  For such a short event it is definitely something I will never forget!!

I will start the story from the Tuesday when I was 39+6 days pregnant.  I was so over the whole pregnancy thing and was hoping like mad that when I went for the clinic appointment with a doctor they would book me in for an induction the next day.  Sadly I walked out of there after a delightful stretch and sweep with an induction date for the following Friday.  I was devastated and hoped the stretch and sweep would have shaken something loose!!  The doctor said that about 25% of women go into labour within 24 hours after it.  I was not in that 25%.  Wednesday (due date) came and went   By Thursday I was convinced the baby was never coming out!!  I bumped into the local baby nurse who basically laughed and said she would see me in about 2 weeks as the bump was still high and had not dropped at all.

Thursday night was the same old average night, I had made the lounge my bed as I could not get comfortable in my bed and had been sleeping out there for about 3 weeks..  I set myself up there like always with my hot water bottle.  I had really battled the last couple of weeks with back and hip pain, only now I realise how bad and uncomfortable it was.

Around 1am I was joined on the lounge by the 2 year old.  Once he went back to sleep I got up, did a wee and tried to go back to sleep.  About 130am I got a back pain and even though it wasn't too bad I knew exactly what it was.  I got back up, remade the hot water bottle and popped a couple of panadol.  About 15 minutes later I got another pain, nothing too severe.  This happened a couple more times.  Then I got a pain that was extreme and thats when I went in to wake the HOTH up.  This was at 240am.  He rang his parents to come and mind the boys and I went into have a shower.  All of a sudden shit got real.

I never made it into the shower as I got a pain that basically made me realise the baby was coming sooner rather than later.  I don't remember the full order of things after that but it went something like this-

The HOTH rang the hospital to tell them we would be down in about an hour when his parents got there and as he was talking to the midwife I was getting even more intense pain and she told him after she heard me in the background that we should get there now!!  He was telling me to get in the car but I truly could not walk.  He got the kids up and into the car, rang his parents who were still 20 minutes away to tell them to meet us there, I begged him to call the ambulance and he told me it would be quicker to drive.  I somehow got into the car and we set off for the hospital which is a 25 minute drive.  I was gripping on to the handle of the car and apparently hitting the roof trying so hard not to freak the kids out.  I was telling the HOTH to slow down, speed up, pull over and let me lay down.  Just as I was dead set about to lose it the HOTH said look where we are which was at the last set of lights before the hospital.

We pull up outside the emergency department and he raced in to get some help.  A nurse came out, saw me grabbed a wheel chair and tried to get me to get in it in between contractions.  I made it in they raced me inside and some how up on a bed, it was a quiet night apparently so there was a million people around the bed all trying to help.  They examined me to see whether they would deliver the baby down there but decided I could get up to delivery.  Longest trip ever through the hospital and up in the lift.  We get to the delivery suite and i have to get onto the bed in there, god knows how!!

The midwife looks and says 2 pushes and you will have your baby.  2 pushes later and baby Speedy arrived into the world at 354am.  About 15 minutes after we got to the hospital.

Baby Speedy.  3.44kg, 51cm. 2/8/13

8 hours old.

A glimpse into the womb: This astonishing photograph, taken by obstetrician Dr Aris Tsigris, shows the baby who was delivered inside an intact amniotic sac.
Not Speedy but what it would hae looked like!!
If you are a birth story fanatic like me then you will be asking when my waters broke.  The short answer is they didn't.  Speedy was born in his sac which they broke when he came out.  Apparently this is very rare
and supposedly very lucky, babies born like this are said to be blessed.  Turns out it was a blessing as if my waters had broken he would hae been born on the side of the road!!  I was fascinated when I read the article about the baby in the picture a couple of months before Speedy was born.

He is the only one out of three not to be born jaundice and also I got to keep him with me from the moment he was born.  He was monitored for not only blood sugar levels but also as he had swallowed some merconium.  Everything was fine and we were home on the Saturday afternoon just like I had hoped to do.  We had a midwife visit on the Sunday to do his newborn screening test then we were "officially discharged" on the Monday when we had the last midwife visit.  He had already gone back to his birth weight and has continued to grow and put on a tonne of weight!!  The local baby nurse came the week after and could not believe I had had him the day after she had seen me.  It was so much better being at home.

Going home after 24 hours was the only part of my plan which actually happened!!  The poor kids are still talking about how mummy was crying in the car and how the nurses told them the baby was knocking on my stomach saying he was ready to come out.  They got well taken care of by 2 lovely nurses from the emergency department until their grandparents got there probably not long after the baby was born.  Remember I also said no visitors in the delivery room, well about 15-20 minutes after giving birth the boys and their grandparents came in to see the baby.  I was still shaking uncontrollably and the baby was covered in all the newborn stuff.

So there you have it, one very speedy birth story!!  In my opinion thats how every birth should be!!  It was so good to have it all over and done with so quickly.  I am sure I have forgotten bits and pieces and will pop them down next week when I think of them.

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  1. Oh Ann - while I am not normally interested in birth stories, this one made tears roll down my cheeks - I'm so glad that Speedy had a safe delivery and that it was over so quickly for you !!!!
    Thank you for sharing such a special moment in your life.
    Have the best day !

  2. Oh so beautiful! And how special to be born in the sac, sending you all lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses

  3. That was a speedy birth. I wish all births were like that. And he is absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Wow, that little guy was in a hurry to get here once he finally decided to arrive. Awesome story and how awesome to have him delivered in his sac :)

  5. What a full on story! I'm envious of your speedy birth because I never know what a speedy birth is! My labour has taken 18 hours or more and by the end of it, I feel barely alive to even hold the baby! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story though! xx

  6. I have to say I've never heard of a baby being born in the water sac, that is just so precious and special Ann! That is scarily fast if you ask me - but I'm glad for you because nothing worse than a labour that drags out. My No.3 was almost born in the shower! I'm sure the boys will soon forget the car trip, or will have some great memories about it when they are older! And I can't believe it's been 11 weeks already. Em x


  7. Wow! My labours always took forever and I thought a really quick one would have been heaven but reading that I'm not sure. But I am incredibly impressed with your uterus - talk about efficient!

  8. Gosh, how amazing - thank goodness you got to the hospital in the nick of time! And I guess, at least your kids got the chance to welcome their new sibling in super quick time!

  9. I had a smile all the way through, I love a good delivery story. Thank goodness you made it to the hospital. You certainly have a very special little man there, and I can see now why you call him speedy. I bet hubby was packing it on the way to the hospital!

  10. Wowzers!! I didn't know a bub could still be in the sack! That is amazing, and I'm sure Speedy surely is blessed. I hope you are feeling well and enjoying the perfection that is a newborn bubba! Katie xx

  11. Oh wow, what a story! Well, I'm glad you didn't have to give birth on the side of the road! Congratulations. I'm glad at least one thing went vaguely according to plan. x

  12. Wow - that was FAST! Miss 16 was born within 45 minutes of arriving at hospital, the whole labour was 3 1/2 hours from start to finish - I thought THAT was quick! I was very shaky afterwards too - I think your body goes into shock from the speedy birth.

    It is very unusual for bub to born "in caul" but as you say, considered lucky.

    Glad to hear that all went well xxx

  13. Wow, when he was ready to come out there was no stopping him it seemed! How cool that he was born in the sac too! He is gorgeous.

  14. Far out that was quick!! Thank goodness you got there in time for it all!
    BJ popped the waters as he came out, so I didn't even need to push really. The force of the water just took him along with it!

  15. Awesome story, and I have to agree, that is how every birth should be! So glad you got to go home after 24 hours, the OB in charge of me at my hospital made us stay 48 hours to monitor BSLs even though we were both normal!

    Such a lucky bub indeed and a beautiful story. So happy for you!

  16. What a beautiful story. I love reading birth stories. Funny that we had our babies on the same day xx


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