Friday, 11 October 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- I don't know much!!

The puzzle with the inadvertent F-bomb.
F**k u.  Hilarious!!

I don't know much or have too many complaints this week.  As far as weeks go it has been fairly same old around here.

The gripes-

Quick as you can people and rush to the shops to buy all your festive needs as there is only 11 and a half weeks until the big day.

Remind me who the Woolies trading cards are for because I was under the impression they were for kids and not mega bitchy mums who took to facebook firstly complaining about the swear word in the collectors album and then secondly the group of shockers harassing people for trading cards.  Probably the worst example was someone begging for cards for her disabled son who it turns out is not actually disabled.  What a crappy thing to do.

The kids broke my fave pair of sunnies requiring an emergency trip to the shops to buy some more.

Oh and today I got dressed up a little in some nice clothes and wore a white top, 1/2 an hour later it has some kind of black smudges on it.  FFS

See not too much to really whinge about this week!!

The good stuff-

Speedy has been sleeping for longer during the day, loving it!!

It is so much cooler today, Mother Nature we need to have a serious talk about this hot weather.

Hmm I think thats it for today or this will not get published!!

Have a great weekend y'all!!

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  1. I hadn't realised that the animal cards were causing so much choas !!!! Maybe I should try to do something with the couple that A had collected while he was away !!!
    I don't have little children but I stay far away from white clothes - they just never stay white when I am wearing them - seems I attract a whole heap of colours if I have something white on !! LOL
    YAY for cooler weather - sounds like Speedy is enjoying the cooler weather too if he is sleeping longer during the day - long may it last !
    Have a great weekend and take care !
    PS - your blanket is nearly finished - a couple more rows and then a few rows around the whole thing. Just need to see about getting it to you.

  2. The whole swear word uproar got me as well. It is like some people just thrive on causing problems for others. I have stayed right away from the online trading of the cards but boy did I have fun at the trading day in store the other day!

    Thanks so much for joining in #thingsIknow

  3. You wore a white top? That's just asking for coffee, beetroot or insert stain of your own choice.

    I kinda like the whole trading card thing. But only because I like that the check-out chicks ask me if I want them when patently my kids are way too old to be interested. I like to delude myself that those check-out chicks think that I'm actually young enough to have kids that are young enough.

  4. How disgusting is it to make as if your son is disabled when he's not... Gosh, some people need to think a bit more before having such silly behavior...

  5. Have you seen on ebay, those albums are going for quite a bit of money - one album with all the cards was listed "buy it now" for $99!!! We happened to pick up an album - well hubby did - when there were only about 3 left at our Woolies. Then we managed to get every card - I had to, my OCD kicked into overdrive. After all that work, my 5 year old has little interest in it! ho hum! -Aroha

  6. Urgh Woolworths can bite me... Husbeast bought Boo and Bozo and album each.... Boo has diagnosed OCD, so we HAD to fill all the spaces in both albums or I was going to hear about it for months, so off I toddled to the swap day this morning to swap all our doubles and fill the remaining spaces... I've never been elbowed by so many bogans in my life!!
    Tara @ Hand Me My Sanity


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