Friday, 18 October 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- 58 days until Bon Jovi

The FFS Stuff

Mother Nature enough with the hot windy bushfire conditions.  Also thanks heaps for the cool change which blew in about 15 minutes after I had walked back home from preschool pick up, with my maxi skirt blowing up over my head.  Apologies to anyone who may have seen my granny undies.

Well done ch 9 news for causing panic saying a bushfire was headed for my town when the closest one was about 20klms away and well under control.  Thanks again to the rural firies for all their hard work.

Paypal can kiss my ass too- long story short they can instantly take money from your bank account to make a payment but cannot instantly put it back when the transaction was refunded.  Bite me and brace yourselves for another irrate phonecall if the money is not there today.

In other fashion faux pas news- Sunday I put on a nice top and accessorised with my cute Zen Designs bangle.  I chipped my bangle putting out the rubbish and I spilt tomato down my nice top.  Thursday as I had to go to the big shops I thought it might be nice to dress up a little.  Not only did Speedy scream the entire time we were shopping but he chucked for seriously the 3rd time since he was born all over him and my skirt meaning I had to walk through the shops with a lovely wet patch on the front of me.  I don't know why I bother.

Back to the screaming baby I only had to buy 2 things and was at the shops for 2 hours, most of which was spent in 3 different parents rooms.  I did manage to get the 2 things but nothing else.  I swear my boys are born with an I hate shopping gene inherited from their father.  At least the 2 year old, god love him, was an angel.  One bonus of a screaming baby is that shops will open a checkout just to get rid of you!!

The Good Stuff

MONSTER TRUCKS ARE ON TOMORROW.  We cannot wait!!  I will be wearing my oldest scabbiest clothes as I have learnt my lesson on wearing nice stuff!!

The lovely Emily from Have A Laugh On Me made my arvo yesterday when she let me know via instagram about this post that would be featured on her blog today.  It is very relevant considering the bushfires burning across nsw at the moment, ok it is a good perve too!!

Our weekends are filling up fast up until the end of the year.

The boys are kicking butt at swimming lessons.

Hair cut day today!!  I love that our hairdresser comes to our house.

Just as I was about to finish up this post the postie just left a package at my door from the very awesome Me.  I just instagrammed a picture and will take a proper one later.  The kindness of people really makes me smile.

Thats it guys, have a great weekend.

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  1. Glad to hear you are safe from fires - I worry about my friends down in NSW / VIC when I hear about fires !
    I hope Paypal get their act together so that you don't have to phone them again - why are some things so hard to get accomplished ????
    Oh no - I would have left long before I had got the two things I think if I had been there for that long - I think you did very well staying as long as you did. YAY for 2yo angels !!!!
    Ooooh monster trucks - I think I would like to see them - hope you have a great day !!!
    Oh WOW - loved the fireis calendar - thanks for sharing the link.
    I'm glad you like the blanket - it was great making it because I 'knew' the person who was going to be using it - normally I am just making blankets for babies somewhere in the country / world because I don't even know which charity my Mom takes them to so it was great for me !! I hope that it keeps you warm during winter.
    Have the best weekend and take care !
    Me xox

  2. Why do you get dirty at the Monster trucks? (I am ignorant, apparently)

  3. If only it wasn't illegal to leave babies at home while one enjoyed a few peaceful moments of shopping. Or a few peaceful hours.

  4. Monster trucks sound like awesome fun, I hope you have a wonderful time. I gave up with the nice clothes thing years ago. Sigh. So glad I live in hicksville I guess! thanks so much for sharing the #thingsiknow fun

  5. I know PayPal can be really painful sometimes, I had a similar experience with them not long ago. I hope everything gets sort out soon.
    By the way, I'm jealous you're going to see Bon Jovi!

  6. We have had issues with paypal before too. So frustrating! Have a blast at the monster trucks!! I am still drooling over that calendar and the hot firie Em got to grope. I mean meet. x Aroha

  7. p.s. we are going to Bon Jovi too!!! Looking forward to it!


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