Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tantrums and the Labyrinth

Sarah: I can bear it no longer! Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be take this child of mine far away from me!

Todays post is inspired by an epic toddler tantrum all over the fact I did not have a $2 coin to put into one of those stupid shopping centre rides.

While he was screaming the shops down I had a random thought of the Labyrinth movie where the main character begs for her little brother to be taken and the Goblin King takes him.  Which then made me laugh to myself and probably look slightly insane as the Goblin King is David Bowie and that would have been so funny to see him rock up in his tights at the supermarket  but then I was thankful that the Goblin King had not turned up and taken him as I am just too tired to go on a magical adventure to get him back.

If you have not seen this masterpiece it is a classic 80's movie made by the amazing Jim Henson and it is up there as one of my faves!! 

The image of him in tights makes me laugh every time I see it!!
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  1. I loved that film. And I have faced those tantrums :(

    (That film was tainted a bit for me though when I watched a film many years later where the actress from labarynth played a drug addicted hooker... Hate it when that happens LOL

  2. ha,ha! Too tired to go on a magical adventure! I feel your pain, woman! Not even worth it, if David Bowie greeted me there! Sorry about the tantrum!!

  3. It must be the week of toddler tantrums, my daughter had a meltdown before breakfast this morning because I wouldn't just give her the frozen bread for breakfast, preferring to toast it and not being quick enough!

    I remember watching that movie as a kid but I honestly can't remember that much about it. I must watch it again sometime soon, maybe when Mia eventually gets old enough we can watch it together!

  4. I always tell DS that the are broken and hope to god that no one gets on it while we are walking past. Kind of like the telling your kids that when the icecream man plays his music it means that he is all out of icecream lol. It works, right up until someone tells them the truth.

  5. Ahh my favourite movie of all time! All children have been acquainted with it... numerous times. AND we now have two copies of it. Win!
    As for tantrums. I used to let them have them. And calmly take them home. Big hugs! xx

    Haven't seen it for years, now I NEED to!
    Thanks Ann :) x

  7. ME TOO - the Labyrinth was AWESOME - but funnily enough all I can really remember is the crying baby in stripes and that big flying dog !!! Hang in there Ann - it gets worse before it gets better, so I'm told. xxx

  8. I remember seeing a bit of it as a kid, and it freaked me out. Something about David Bowie bugged me. I'd love to actually watch it now as an adult though, and see what it was all about :)

  9. I am sometimes very in touch with that emotion. Thank heavens the Goblin King ever did actually come and take my child!

  10. Those things don't even last two minutes. Possession of a $2 coin would have just delayed the pain by 1 minute 57 seconds.

    Oh how I loved Labyrinth. You remind me of the babe, the bog of eternal stench, SO many filmisms to make it into the everyday vernacular!


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