Friday, 22 February 2013

FFS Friday- Tuesday and Operation go the f&%k to bed (gtftb).

Tuesday was never going to be a good day right from the start.  FFS

It started with me making a coffee in the dark at 4am and instead of putting sugar in it I grabbed the rice.  FFS

Which I only discovered when I was near the end of it and ended up with a mouthful of rice.  FFS

Obviously my taste buds do not work so early in the morning.  FFS

My computer would not work to add my link to ibot.  FFS

The computer did not work all week, turns out it was my computer, the wifi and facebook.  FFS

Back to Tuesday, I decided we had enough time to do a big grocery shop before playgroup so we all wen to to get dressed.  This is where shit went down.  FFS

A few weeks ago we had 2 giant huntsman spiders in the boys room on their blind.  One was alive the other was dead.  I sprayed the ass out of their room when I discovered that.  Turns out the spray did nothing.  FFS

As there was a million baby spiders crawling all over the windowsill and blind.  FFS

Never in my life have I remained so calm when dealing with something so freaking disgusting.  FFS

An hour later, all bed sheets/doona/pillows washed, room vacuumed and then sprayed with basically a whole can of spray we had a shower and went to playgroup.  FFS

Playgroups topic of the week was the letter B.  The kids spent half an hour talking about bugs.  So ironic.  FFS


I will proudly say I got every one of those suckers and their room is now bug free.  FFS

All day on Tuesday my skin was crawling and to make matters worse it was an itchy pregnant belly day.  FFS

Now on to Operation gtftb.  What a disaster this was.  FFS

The earliest I had a child in bed this week was 745pm and that was because he was ruined from a massive day at preschool.  FFS

These children are really trying my patience.  FFS

Lucky they are so damn cute.  FFS

Also we are still living with green snot, all I do all day is follow the baby around with tissues and wipes.  FFS

Lastly as seen in the Sunday paper last weekend- we are praising our children too much.  FFS

Not me though.  Screaming like a banshee at them does not count.  FFS

How bloody ridiculous.  I praised the ass out of the big one on Tuesday arvo when he picked up some chalk and started drawing proper pictures of his family members.  I even took photos as this is the first time he has done anything except scribble.  He deserved to know how proud we are of him.  FFS

Now to start selling those works of art to art galleries for thousands of dollars.  FFS

Thats it.  I am done.  If you drink please have a few for me after this horrific week!!  FFS

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  1. I'm sure I will be able to fit a drink in there for you amongst the 100 I intend to have for myself.

  2. Oh good lord, I had that spider thing happen too quite a few years ago!! Completely freaked me out, and yes it was in the babies room (when Mr8 was a baby).

    May I say that 7.45pm isn't too bad. Not saying what time my boys get to bed. Ahem.

    Having a drink for you now. Cheers!

  3. Oh My God. I hate them spiders. Poor you!!! I go crazy with those sprays as well. I would so freak out seeing 2 huge huntsmen. Haven't tried coffee with rice haha xx


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