Friday, 8 February 2013

FFS Friday- cotton wool kids

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                            Funniest article I have read in a long time!!  Do yourselves a favour and read it!!

Seriously what the hell is wrong with the world.  FFS

That link takes you to the ridiculous story of how blowing out birthday candles at some daycare centres may be banned.  FFS

Or how before and after playing in the sandpit children must sanitise their hands.  FFS

Honestly I did not read the whole article as it was so ridiculous it gave me the shits.  FFS

Obviously if kids stop blowing out candles on a shared cake then that will eradicate all germs and no child will ever get sick from going to daycare again.  FFS
On Thursday at preschool drop off I did some research/spying.  All I saw was a bunch of kids having completely unsanitary fun and teachers who care about each child and in particular the one teacher who saw my child was in all sorts from all the late night non sleeping partying going on around here the last few weeks and picked him up and distracted him so I could make my escape.  FFS

Turns out he had another great day and soon got over whatever his problem was.

I do not want to live in a world where any of this is wrong.  FFS

"Whatever happened to a vegemite sanga and an apple?"  Amen SarahMac Amen.  FFS

That awesome comment is exactly what I have been thinking about school lunches for a long time now.  Well apparently gone are the days of getting something yummy as a treat at the school canteen as it is common knowledge that the school canteen is making kids fat.  FFS

Back in my day (yes I can sound like an old person as I am about to become a great aunt ffs) we got lunch money maybe once a fortnight and if it was going to be a hot day we got ice block money.  Other than that it was a sandwich, a muesli bar and a couple of poppers or juice boxes for anyone who does not speak aussie.  Now it has to be gourmet and healthy.  FFS

Now those little rants are over I can now concentrate on my own issues.  FFS

Like the fact we got through the whole school holidays without any major injuries but the week preschool went back both my children banged up their heads doing lounge gymnastics.  FFS

The baby in particular has 2 lovely multicolour bruises.  FFS

Also the big one has started talking with a New Zealand accent.  FFS

It is driving me insane and to make matters worse the HOTH cannot hear it and thinks I am making it up.  FFS

We have welcomed green snot back this week.  The poor baby, it must be because his brother ate some birthday cake at preschool last week and the kid whose birthday it was blew out the candles or because there was not enough hand sanitising after playing in the sandpit.  FFS

The HOTH has been working away all week and the earliest the angels have been in bed is 845pm.  FFS

Also I have a 2 year old who does not believe he needs a day sleep anymore then crashes out late afternoon meaning he is not tired at a normal bed time.  FFS

If you need me today I will be locked in the bathroom.  FFS

That is it for me this week, there is more but insomnia combined with baby brain has made it impossible to think.  FFS

The last couple of weeks have really sucked around here and sadly we had 2 funerals to go to in one week.  I was drained by Sunday and did not switch the computer on or check my phone all weekend but the first thing I did on Monday morning was go to Dear Baby G and get some much needed light hearted fun reading.  Thanks to those who linked up and made me smile.


  1. The world has gone crazy with germaphobes! I really believe that it's why there is so much illness, kids aren't eating dirt anymore! I saw a post on FB the other day saying that their school canteen was putting the call out for suggestions for winter dishes. The post listed what the canteen already had, it included things that looked like they were from a 5 star restaurant. I was gobsmacked!

    1. Its a world gone mad, my kids eat so much dirt I am sure thats why they don't eat dinner!! School lunches are ridiculous!!

  2. OMG, I'm sorry but this was hilarious!

    The big one talking like a Kiwi is gold!

    And your explanation for the green snot is clearly just another case study in why we need to send our kids to school/daycare inside individual bubbles....heh.

    1. I wish I could tape his accent it is silly!! Bubbles for all is a good idea, not!!

  3. I'm not about to become a great-aunt and I feel qualified to talk as an old person too! It's gotten to the point where you start to feel ashamed that your child has a freakin' cold. Get over it! Snot happens!!

    1. Yes! Especially when it comes to childcare. People pull the all of us 'real' parents can keep them home so why can't you. Meanwhile their kid has chicken pox and I sent my kid with a runny nose :/

    2. Snot does indeed happen!! I love that!! We had kids being sent with whooping cough at the end of last year as it went undiagnosed.


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