Saturday, 11 August 2012

Weekly wrap up and a big thank you and I kicked some goals this week

We had a great "party week" with the HOTH being away  I also improved my Mother of the Year award chances by only serving spaghetti on toast once this week!!  The boys were very good and I even had 2 full nights sleep!!  Daddy came home last night but will be going again on monday Party week again next week YAY!!

I was extra pleased to see the HOTH when he said he had spoken to the builder and our new home will be ready in about 3WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I best get cracking on my journey posts as I am determined to help just one person avoid the last 2 years we have experienced.  I am so excited to finally after 8 years have a bedroom door !!!

He did however forget to mention that on his way home the road emergency signs were saying that there was a bushfire not far from where we live.  FFS  I only know as I was on facebook and saw a post.  Scary that its not even bushfire season yet  All credit to the Rural Firies.  Its contained now thankfully.

It has not been all smooth sailing this week with a poor little teething baby who had very high temperatures but thankfully he seems better now.

I really did kick some goals this week  I managed 3 posts which is an all time record and I put myself out there on facebook a little bit purely to get someone who is crafty to humour me and make me something but got some "likers: which made my day this morning after a 2am start with non sleeping children!!  Please if you make bed linen or know of someone could you please email me

This week I already have one post ready to go and my goal this week is to finish my about me page which I now need to figure out how to put at the top of the page!!  I am a work in progress!!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by  I promise in the next few days to reply to the comments and like all the new pages that have liked me!!  I am off now to buy the winning lotto ticket for tonight and when I win I will buy all of you a drink to say THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Thanks for popping by my blog! I'm looking forward to having you join the Bloggers Boogie next weekend :)

    Three weeks, how exciting! That light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, I remember that feeling well. Hopefully they'll fly past for you.


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