Friday, 31 August 2012

FFS friday- still sick and over it and whinging about it

Still sick here.  FFS
If I wipe one more snotty nose or buy one more box of tissues or see another child wipe their snotty nose on their arm or hand or dog I will lose my shit in a spectacular way.  FFS
I am sure I have infected sinuses but cannot be bothered sitting at the doctors for 2 hours to confirm my diagnosis.  FFS
I cannot be in bright light or sit at the computer or look at my phone as it makes my head hurt.  FFS
In other news sunday saw us driving around buying stuff for the house again with the kids. FFS
I went on strike and wore trackies and looked like crap but as it was "family day" was informed to have a cup of concrete and harden up  FFS
We saw 5 people we knew all of which were not in their trackies and looked at me like I was some diseased monster.  FFS
We stop for petrol and some guy pulls in front of the HOTH and steals his bowser  He says "FFS" and before I can go mental for his swearing 2 little voices are heard in the back.  The big one said "oh for godssake" and the baby said "blah blah sake".  FFS
The big one is having a massive growth spurt and needs a couple of pairs of pants which I cannot get as all the shops are now only selling shorts.  ITS STILL WINTER.  FFS
Thats it for me.  My head hurts and I have to now go and hold string lines and dig dirt.  FFS
I will be doing this all weekend.  FFS
The things we do to save money.  FFS
Speaking of saving money bloody Matchbox Twenty are coming out and playing near me and I am too damn responsible to buy tickets as we need to spend the money else where.  FFS
Apparently AC/DC are touring next year which means the HOTH has something to look forward too.  FFS
I missed out on Bon Jovi as I was massively preggas and did not want another early baby.  FFS
Spellcheck I like to make up words stop trying to cramp my style.  FFS
Also I cannot comment on a heap of blogs as I have the wrong browser.  FFS
Whinge over.  FFS
Dear Baby G


  1. Love it Ann! Did I mention I've had an awesome week? I wear my trackies everywhere and get the exact same look. Bitches x Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. What a week you've had. Your sinuses sound very painful. I hope next week is better for you xx

  3. Being sick with Kids sucks big hairy balls. I hope you are better soon.
    Target online has pants at the moment. I was in my local target today and they had stuff at cost price which included track pants.

  4. seems like we're all sick! hahaha kid wiping snotty nose on arm or dog. ah, the stuff they do.


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