Friday, 17 August 2012

FFS Friday Always look on the bright side of life.

Dear Baby G
After the sad week I have had you would think the universe would have said "lets not give Ann anything to say FFS about"  Right?  WRONG  FFS

I am glad it didn't  Life would be boring if it did  FFS

I burnt dinner on Saturday night  In my defence The baby got another temperature just as I started cooking and the big one was whining at me so I left the stuff cooking and sat on the lounge and did not think about it again until it was pointed out that it was burning.  FFS
What was The HOTH doing while I was wrangling kids and burning dinner?  Talking on his iphone playing on the ipad.  FFS

I also managed to burn microwave popcorn at playgroup on Tuesday morning  FFS

The baby has slept for no longer than 6 hours at any one time.  I think he thinks he is a new born  FFS

The big one fell out of bed on Monday morning scraping his chin and then fell over at preschool scraping his cheek  FFS

I feel like making a sign to hang around my neck every time I go out so when people stare it clearly states the situation  FFS

Like Wednesday's sign would have read something like-  Yes he fell out of bed and banged his chin and yes the baby does have half a tub of baby powder in his hair.  FFS

Both dogs also ended up with powder all over them too  At least they smell better now.FFS

Quiet kids that shut themselves in the bathroom with the dogs = one big mess.  FFS

The big one also managed to make me say a hell of a lot of expletives on Tuesday afternoon when he did a poo in his pants and then carried the poo into the toilet in his hands  FFS

Lucky I can see the funny side of things most of the time and that only the second time he has ever pooed in his pants  FFS

They both have twice this week had a shower, got in their pjs and then done a poo.  FFS

Our house will be ready for handover in a couple of weeks.  FFS

Yes FFS I am not ready at all for the next insanely busy couple of months of packing, unpacking, sorting, being put on hold for hours at a time reconnecting all our services. FFS

I may start charging all the companies I have to deal with a fee for every minute they keep me on hold and for every person who says "not my department" and transfers me.  FFS

Thats all from me I am off to write a list of shit that needs to be done  FFS

Also the baby managed to delete half of this post.  FFS


  1. Very cool blog:))
    I wish the nice day;]

  2. Very amusing post :) I had to laugh, sorry. I suppose it's ok to laugh later.

    1. It is more than fine to laugh!! I would probably cry if I didnt at some of the stuff that goes on around here!!


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