Friday, 24 August 2012

FFS Friday- Enough Said

We are a house of snot.  FFS

I actually do not mind being sick every now and again its pretty much an inevitable part of life and I roll with it but this time around I am not happy at all.  FFS

Sure its not like the good old days of calling in sick and curling up on the lounge with the midday movie.  Now its curling up on the lounge with sesame street and 2 boof heads climbing all over me.  FFS

Ever since I was young I have used lemsips.  I love them.  Nothing makes me happier.  FFS

Something changed yesterday.  I knew I was diseased and went to the supermarket to stock up and to my horror they only had the new capsules which you can either swallow or make into a hot drink.  FFS

I was way too lazy to walk to the chemist so I purchased the capsules thinking I would give them a go, how bad can they be?  So last night before bed I made as directed a hot drink out of them.  FFS

OMG worst thing I have ever had in my life no exaggeration.  Who the hell test tasted these things and said they were good.  FFS

Worse still they did not make me feel any better it made me want to vomit.  FFS

Even worse still I am stuck with them until tomorrow as we are not dragging our diseased backsides out of this house today.  FFS

I tried swallowing  them this morning and it still tasted like shite.  FFS

I now get to miss out on seeing 2 brand new babies and a baby shower thanks to the disease.  FFS

Talking of babies "one born every minute" is now finished  FFS

Why did no one tell me.  FFS

In other news we spent a great deal of time on saturday night writing lists of stuff to get done and buy into a cute little note book.  That deserves a FFS as seriously thats how exciting life is around here.  FFS

Anyway we had a massive sunday planned of looking and pricing stuff when first of all the big one lost our pen at our first stop and then by the third stop someone lost the freaking notebook.  FFS

All that hard work gone.  FFS

It may or may not contain stuff like carpet, letterbox, boob job etc.  FFS

By our last stop the kids were feral and some one (not me) did not put the baby in the pram and he ran riot causing the shop lady (who was a bit of a cow) to ask whose children they were.  FFS

Last thing about the shopping trip.  We went to a ton of shops and we got crap service at all but one.  The staff were all to busy or knew nothing about what we were after.  FFS

On a positive we went to bunnings and got snag sandwiches as is mandatory on a weekend and it was a proper sandwich with 2 pieces of bread.  FFS

Oh and the baby god love him slept 6 nights in a row but last night decided that me being sick would mean I would want to be up at 330am and not get back to sleep.  FFS

The baby also now is weaning himself off dry nutrigrain and grapes are now his latest addiction  FFS

And lastly my computer has shat its self 4 times this week with fatal error messages.  FFS

And really lastly it helps if you are going to link up to actually link up.  Not like last week.  I used to have a brain.  FFS
Dear Baby G


  1. LOL, what a week you've had! I can relate to the snot and baby running riot and starting the day at 3.30am. Actually I can relate to all of it, I feel your pain xxx

  2. Ok I won't whine about my week. I think you win. I too have tasted the god awful Lemsip capsules. I'm guessing the post-capsule vomiting is what expels the disease from your person, and that's how they really work...

  3. Oh you have had a bad week. Hope your sickness leaves soon. Shoping for house stuff isn't fun with kids. We have done it before and never doing it again.


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