Friday, 10 August 2012

FFS friday Not as long as last week!!

After last weeks epic marathon of a post this week is relatively tame!!  I forgot somethings though.  FFS
I crushed my garlic crusher like seriously crushed it in my hand like the hulk.  I brought a new cheapy and it is crap.  FFS
I remembered the coke for the bourbon and forgot the milk for The kids not once but twice.  FFS
We are running out of duty free bourbon.  FFS
Why did we not buy as much as we could.  FFS
The tour de freaking france finally finished and One born every minute is back.  I am back quietly yelling PUSH to the tv for an hour every thursday night and then having a little cry when the babies are born.  FFS
I am not having anymore kids, I am not having anymore kids, I am not having anymore kids. repeat FFS
I fell asleep before last weeks and missed it.  FFS

To this week-  sitting around having breaky on saturday morning and the HOTH is reading the paper he comes to an article and is telling me how some football player is a wanker.  "Whats a yanker dad"  FFS
I only hope he did not say it at preschool today.  FFS
My darling baby who I love and adore more than words has always had an uncanny knack for sensing when the booze is flowing and mumma is having a quiet drink and is relaxed.  FFS
Pretty much every saturday night since he was 3 weeks old he has woken not long after the drinks have been poured or even worse if we stay up he will wake about 1am which is what he did on saturday night  FFS
We watched the olympics, he ate a fruit stick and had a cup of milk, we crashed about 3am on the lounge, he woke at 5 wanting a banana  I got him one and fell back to sleep.  We all got up about 8 (ironically I had said how nice it would be for us all to sleep in until 8am) and I walked around like a zombie.  FFS
Due to his late night partying he was knackered all day and cranky.  I got him to finally go to sleep on the lounge about 2pm.  FFS
About 1 minute later the ninja neighbours who have 3 kids who very rarely play outside were having some kind of party which must of started at 2pm and there was a gazillion kids playing outside making a heap of noise.  FFS
I did not get a sunday nanna nap. FFS
This caused me to burn some cupcakes and make the icing way too runny.  FFS
The HOTH has been away working this week.we have partied like its 1999.  FFS
He took his precious ipad.  FFS
The dogs have only busted out once this week.  They now are locked in the garage at night and tied up during the day.  FFS
I cannot wait to get home and back to my colourbond fences  FFS
Surprisingly I think that is all from me this week.  FFS 
I know I have forgotten things.  FFS
Oh well  FFS
Dear Baby G


  1. I'm sorry, although it would've been frustrating, I almost wee'd my pants a little when I read that you crushed your garlic crusher like the hulk!
    I just buy minced garlic because I don't have one. Or I try to crush my garlic with a knife blade ala Asbestos Surprise Chef (circa 1999?) but I just end up slipping and nearly cutting my arm off because I'm not strong enough... FFS

  2. I wont lie, I giggled at the garlic bit too, then read it out to hubby and he laughed too... gold! Luv Jac at Common Chaos Chronicle xox


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