Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bloggers boogey!!!! What I downloaded off itunes and made into a mixed cd for my car

Little White Dove

I just found this and I am so excited as I love music!!  All`kinds of music really.  Here goes

  1. Both my kids love this song and as soon as they here it start dancing around!!
  2. I loved Karise on the voice and this song is awesome  I could not get the version I wanted off the voice website where at the end of the song Seal is clapping like a seal!!  I can be so childish!!
  3. Takes me back to my teenage years!!
  4. Love a happy up beat song!!
  5. Fave song of the week although I love all Matchbox Twenty!!
Thanks for the staurday morning timewaster!!

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  1. AWESOME collection, I love all your songs! Thanks for joining in the Bloggers Boogie this week :)


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