Thursday, 9 October 2014

What the ZIP??

Before I start I have to say that I really have no problem with people who have tattoos. Your body your choice.   I don't have any, partly because I am a massive wuss and partly because I haven't found anything I want on my body for the rest of my life.

The HOTH has quite a few. You won't really see them as he keeps them covered so they don't fade. Most of them he got before we got together.  He wants more but time and money are keeping that a dream for now!!

When I saw these pictures in a fundraising toy catalogue yesterday I was a little stunned at first, then I saw the funny side and then I was just seriously like what the actual.

I get how vitally important play is.  All forms of play.  Imitation play is something my kids do all the time.  They are always building stuff like Daddy or mowing the lawn or fixing a car etc.  They do imitate me for the record usually when playing cafes and ordering cappuccinos and cake!!

However I really feel this is taking it way too far.  Apparently these are all the rage as there was a similar one in the other toy catalogue we were given.  I don't normally get on my high horse as I am a big believer in all the old sayings like "each to their own" but this has given me the irrits.  I am a little conflicted now as I normally get a heap of Chrissy shopping done through these books (stuff delivered to the door plus the preschool gets much needed help, winning) but I am seriously thinking of boycotting them over this.

I think what has annoyed me the most is why can't kids be kids??  Why are we forcing kids to grow up??


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  1. I completely agree. It's really sad that kids can't be kids anymore. Imagination seems to be a thing of the past. Very sad !
    I'm with you on boycotting the catalogue but it's a bit of a double edged sword if the kindy will miss out on fund raising. Maybe ask the kindy for contact details and get in touch with the producers of the catalogue and let them know your thoughts ?
    Have a great day anyway !!!
    Me xox

  2. Okay, my immediate reaction was wtf, how ridiculous. However, I am a huge fan of temp tatts, the ones you put on with water like a transfer, and over 40 mins at my kids party was kids lining up for tattoos to be put on by 2 parents (after the party had finished so the 2 hour party dragged into 3). So intellectually, what's the difference? I don't know what I think about this anymore. I still think it's wrong but I don't actually understand exactly why...I may return.

  3. My daughter was gifted something similar, although it was sold more as a body art kit and there was no mention of Tattoo. We chose to use it for special occasions, like birthday parties a bit similar to face painting and temporary tattoos.

  4. I'm not a fan either. I think, for me, it's all about the vibration to make it like a "real tattoo" experience. Unnecessary and unsettling (to me at least!)

  5. I agree with Lydia that it can be taken as a sophisticated temporary tattoo kit. That said, if they start selling Lego tattoo parlours I might turn!

  6. I was ok with it until I read the bit about the vibration imitating the real tattoo experience and then I wasn't so ok. Kids draw on themselves (and others) and love to have their faces painted etc but this ... This is a step too far in my mind.

  7. I think maybe because it looks like a tattoo gun, that it takes it that step too far. Faber Castell used to have tattoo pens, which were really just connecter pens that were black lol.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  8. I kind of agree but when I was growing up it was a lot of fun to use those fake tattoos that came in bubble gum wrappers. We'd put them on and be so disappointed when they wore off. And they didn't result in me wanting a tattoo when I grew up.


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