Friday, 31 October 2014

Things I Know #31- Halloween and over to you

I know I am missing blogging at the moment, I knew at the start of the week there wouldn't be many spare pockets of time.  I was right!!  All good though and no real complaints about it from me!!  Hopefully next week is a brand new week.

I also know it is Halloween.  I am not the worlds biggest fan of Halloween, this year I am sort of forced into it thanks to a bloody school fundraiser.  So not only do we have to participate but it is going to cost a tonne of money too.  Jackpot!!  I enjoy seeing all the fun things people get up too on Halloween though!!

I need your help with two things this week guys-

1.  I am going to join in the Mystery Case outfit under $50 challenge however I have no idea what I should enter- casual, dressy??
2. When I say Christmas Food you say??  Pretty broad question I know!!

I finally caught up on all the fab #tik links from the last two weeks and there was some great stuff there!!  Looking forward to reading what is in store this week.


  1. I was going to link a different post, but as I've been defending Halloween all week to the naysayers on FB, I figured I'd dig up this old post. Other good things about Halloween, is your appearance doesn't matter - as it's about being scary, even Heidi Klum types try to gross it up a bit, so the playing field is levelled on looks and intellect (the humour or cleverness of the outfit) is the winner. Hope you enjoy your fundraiser!

  2. We always have a roast for Christmas plus seafood.

  3. Apparently there will be Halloween in my street this year. I got a note. All I have to do is decorate the house and leave on the lights to let kids know that we're participating. Yeah, that's not going to happen.

  4. Love those Halloween puns. Izzy has just walked out and asked if she needs to put her costume on yet! Even I am dressing up this year. It's fun for the kids. We're not registered for kids to come to the house this year, I am taking the kids out and about.
    When you say Christmas food, I think, stuff my face until I feel sick! I always make pav for Christmas day :)

  5. We won't be dressing up but we did buy some bite size chocolates for anyone who does come around. As we are in a new house, we don't know whether anyone does or doesn't trick or treat in the neighbourhood. (Actually - they better bloody well come because I don't want those chocolates hanging around after tonight !!!!)
    Will be linking a post just now (I hope !!!)
    Have a wonderful week.

  6. I have just been to the supermarket and purchased all my Halloween costumes, lollies and party things for 50% off. I am feeling pretty chuffed! My boys were complaining about me not having organised anything and I have officially made a massive effort. (There may even be quite a bit of decorating on show in the dining room. I shall have excited kiddos this afternoon!
    I am happy to do Halloween. My kids love it and I can't deny them the joy. Hope your fundraiser goes well! :D


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