Monday, 13 October 2014

Manic Monday

I am blaming the fact Bathurst (the big car race) did not finish until 630pm for the reason I don't have my act together today!!  FYI it was one of the coolest finishes ever with the team who came first (FORD by the way) starting last and winning at basically the final corner!!  Loved it!!

We used to be really into the v8 racing but in the last few years we have gone off it a bit.  Bathurst is always a must watch and we are a Ford household!!  Except the 3 year old who chose his car at the start of the race and it was a Holden!!  The race, 161 laps of "the mountain" which we have actually driven around as it is a public road, did not disappoint.  Drama and heartbreak for so many.  We really felt for one team (the one the 3 year old chose!!) as it was leading and came in for a pit stop with 10 or so laps to go and the driver stalled his car and could not get it started again.

Usually the race finishes around 530 ish however thanks to the race being suspended mid way it was a very late finish!!

We always watch the start, then watch sporadically through the day and always watch the last 20 laps!!  The last 5 laps result in yelling, screaming and cheering and the last two years lots of Yahooing as Ford have been victorious!!  Thank goodness it is over for another year!!

I have something pretty cool to kick off but will have it ready for tomorrow.

Providing I can keep my eyes open past 7pm tonight!!  Mondays here have become so hectic, it always was our busiest day of the week and now it is manic!!  Kicked off with a 730am swimming lesson, home for breakfast, school drop off, home for a power nap for a certain cranky baby, swimming lessons for the little two, home for lunch, school pick up then straight to an after school activity, home by 5pm.

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  1. Never again will I complain about my Monday morning which consists of me getting up, having breakfast and getting myself off to work (most times about 5mins late !!!)
    Have the best week ahead !

  2. I love your quotes today. Especially the one about the bird. I can't tell you just how many times I've wished that.

  3. Duct tape - haha! Love it! I'd like a T-shirt with that on it!

  4. Those quotes made me smile... :) Busy busy Mondays...sigh. I feel your pain. Only difference is I don't have kids to take anywhere but it's still manic enough!

  5. Love to shit on someone's head right now - bloody race - what a bizarre finish hey? Have a great week lovely x

  6. Definitely a manic Monday! Hope the rest of the week is a little more laid back!

  7. Wow, you do have a busy Monday. I remember that song like it was yesterday, if only I was that young again!

  8. Love the quotes; love the deepness of the first and well just love the bird one.


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