Friday 24 October 2014

Things I Know #30- 401st blog post

I know not much of anything this week.

Being sick sux, although judging by a ridiculous "article" I saw on one of those crap websites I should be grateful about being a sahm and not whinge about how tough it is to be sick and have kids.  Sure, I love feeling like crap and not being able to call in sick and spend a day quietly resting while someone takes care of me and runs around after my delightful little angels.

Sorry lady but EFFF OFF.  You can't tell me that everyday of your sahm existence is filled with rainbow farting unicorns.  It is perfectly fine to acknowledge the shit parts as well as the good.  So eff you and the horse you rode in on.

I suppose I should be dancing in joy that my dear sweet 14 month old has a promising career in baseball or cricket as he has perfected the art of throwing at a target with pin point accuracy.  The target being my head while I was trying to have quiet time on the lounge and his choice of object being anything he could get his grubby little hands on. For the record my sunglasses hurt more than the remote.  Yep awesome, I can't imagine that being a tad annoying.

I feel my children are extremely gifted or have a sixth sense as with the slightest headache their behaviour goes from feral to completely out of control in about 2 seconds flat.  Ooops probably shouldn't call them feral!!

Anyway rant over!!  I normally skip right past those inflammatory articles but this one got right under my skin!!

I am celebrating today as this is my 401st blog post.  401 posts of lord knows what, maybe I should actually read them one day!!  At least 80% would have a dodgy you tube vid like my new fave one above!!

Cheers to 400 more!!

Thanks to everyone who linked up last week, I promise to stop by very soon.  Thanks to having lovely sinus virus I was unable to look at the computer for longer than about 2 seconds as it was hurting my eyes.


  1. You just take it easy - best thing when you are sick is to rest! Congrats on 400 posts.
    As for those 'articles'. I'm getting very sick of watching sites pretend to be feminist, then slag off feminists, then slag off SAHMs, then slag off women that don't breast feed, then babble on about nude selfies as some sort of empowerment. Infact, I'm beginning to think you just shouldn't read any articles about women, because you'll now doubt see half the population insulted in there somewhere...opinion by clickbait appeal...

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon!
    My Babe is also launching missiles. Have copped a few injuries of late. Xx

  3. It sucks being sick whether you're a sahm or not. And, seriously, does the person who wrote that article even have kids? Or are they just an incredible liar whose aim in life is to make other people feel inadequate? Obviously it's someone whose opinion doesn't matter.

  4. Oh no - hope you feel better soon !!!! And here I thought that it was a walk in the park being a SAHM - something I've always wanted to be .................... not !!!! Tobe honest, I have no idea how Mom's are SAHM - you couldn't have paid me enough money to stay at home- I just couldn't do it - and I take my hat off to anyone who does.
    Have the best weekend and I DO hope that the rainbow farting unicorns pass by - at least they may cause Speedy to look up and stop aiming things at your head !!!
    Take care !
    Me xox

  5. I've had a sinus infection too so I understand your pain. I say complain away, it is SO HARD staying at home having to look after a toddler when your head wants to explode. I imagine its harder when they're chucking stuff at your head. Hope it passes soon, I think mine is starting to go away - touch wood.

  6. yay for 401 posts! What a great achievement. Super big boo to not feeling well though, hope tomorrow sees and improvement. Sending more healing fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way xx

    Oh that that article was so infuriating. That woman could do with a good slap I think,

  7. Who'd have thought sunglasses would hurt more than a remote? Congratulations on the big 400. Hope you feel better very soon! x

  8. Some people just like to stir the pot Ann, they can't help themselves. I hope she sleeps well at night. Probably not because of her feral kids, but you'd never hear her whine about it, not in front of anyone anyway. Congrats on busting the 400 post mark and hope you are better real soon xx


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