Thursday, 2 October 2014

Things I Know #27- Moments

 Brothers in arms

 Special mail all for me!!

 An awesome weekend away with good friends and the "melon of youth".

 First medal ever.  A happy baby who loves to see the cockies, luckily the ones we see have no fear and come right up close!!  I always make the time to stop and watch them.

 Double rainbow after weeks of rain.

I am sharing some of the moments that have brightened my day over the last few weeks.

Because I know how hard it can be to find the good in some days.  I love flicking through my phone and finding pics which make me smile.

Enjoy the long weekend guys.  We will be spending it doing backyard rennos.  The fun does not stop here!!  I am looking forward to the end result.

Linking up with One Mother Hen for the 100th #openslather, Creating Contentment for #thankfulthursday, Melting Moments for the Weekly Wrap up, Robo Scmobo who is hosting The Lounge this week,  Finding Myself Young for 52 weeks of memories and Mums Take Five for Sunday Brunch.

Song of the week is an oldie but a goodie.  Funny story- I bought a book about Dave Grohl for the HOTH from the salvos shop today for $3 then later I saw an ad for a new tv show all about The Foo Fighters.  I was then compelled to crank this song!!  So much Fooies in a few short hours!!


  1. That melon of youth would be awesome with some vodka in it....look delish!

  2. Good luck with the backyard renos - there is nothing more satisfying than getting them done but oh, the work and hassle involved in getting there - sometimes I wonder whether it is worth it !!!!
    Have fun anyway !
    Me xox

  3. That happy mail looks like it would make me happy too!

  4. My thoughts exactly about the melon! It's almost summer cocktail time! Cheers for linking X

  5. It's just appreciating those little moments that really bring richness to our lives. My week's highlight was finally seeing a bird in our newly erected feeder. If you build it they will come - eventually.

  6. Oh, do I spy some melting moments? A cute collection of pics :)

  7. Such beautiful thanks! Again!! Thank you for continuing to link up for #thankfulthursday. It means so much to me that you do. xS


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