Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thing I Know #29- Parenting Struggles

This week The Lounge topic is parenting struggles.  

Here is what I randomly know about the struggles of parenting

  • I struggle.  Who doesn't??
  • Everyday brings a new challenge on top of the existing ones.
  • Just when you think you have one issue sorted another one pops up
  • Some days are good, some days are not.
  • Some days I lose my shit, some days not so much.
  • I go with my gut instinct, mothers intuition.  If it is a medical problem I seek professional advice (I have a kick ass gp and baby nurse who look beyond the text books and know each child is an individual)  I don't ask dumb questions on facebook sites which publish questions and invite answers from people who have nfi.
  • There is not enough hours in the day.  To make one child happy usually results in upsetting the other two.  
  • In saying that, parenting is not all doom and gloom.  Far from it.
  • I have three amazing boys.  Each one unique and special with their own quirks.
  • I don't always get it right but I try.  
  • Even if I won the $50 million powerball tonight I would still be right here where I am needed.  No amount of money is going to make a 5 year old go to bed before 945m only to be closely followed by a teething 14 month old who is snuggled up to me while I get this finished.
  • The struggle is worth it.
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  1. OMG, that name thing! It probably wouldn't matter quite so much if my children were the same sex ... Also with you on not asking for advice on FB (and I wouldn't give it either).

  2. I love the comment about FB. I always worry those people aren't going to the dr...

  3. One of the things that my Mum told me that I actually listened to was that she might not have gotten it right but she did the best she could. That's all that any of us can do. And your best is great. Even if you lose your shit occasionally.

  4. I call my kids numbers - it's easier that way. :D Having a great morning of struggles today I can tell you! Have a great weekend. x

  5. What I will tell you is that the struggles do change - they don't necessarily get easier - as your children get older, they just get different - until they live in another country and then you realise that your heart is no longer in your chest but half way around the world.
    I know you are doing an amazing job with your boys and they will all thank you for it when they are older.
    Have the best day !
    Me xox

  6. Oh yes - some days are good - some are not - I totally have to agree!!! Parenting its a challenge!

  7. I think we all struggle with parenting. I suspect it wouldn't be as much of an adventure, otherwise ;)

  8. Parenting is definitely a trial, full time. Just when one challenge or stage ceases another appears. It always keeps us guessing. Always makes us feel that bit just out of control. It's intensity will always make us feel tired. It's just always teaching us.

  9. I love the top picture. I've had a horrid day today featuring epic tantrums and I've been by myself all day and night with her. Thankgod I only have one. Its days like these I wish I drank wine at the end of the night, but chocolate will just have to do. Hopefully we'll both get to bed soon and wake up in a better mood in the morning ready to do it all over again.

  10. I remember when are youngest as born and my eldest almost 3 at the time thought the blue book that came home from the hospital with you was the manual for the baby. If only. I honestly thought parenting would get easier as they get older. Mine girls are now 13, 14 & 16 and while I'm less busy with the hands on parenting stuff, it's certainly not any easier, it's not that bad either but it's not easy. I keep joking that I'm putting in for long service leave.

  11. So true! I call out so many names before getting the right one! The husband, the dog, the wrong kid .... Your lottery analogy is spot on! No amount of money will get my kids to eat their dinner! Cheers for linking up with The Lounge X

  12. I thought I was immune from the name thing because I have one child...but alas I am always mixing him and the damn dog up. I figure it's because I yell at both of them.
    Sometimes I read those questions and the answers and I just wonder if people are trolling. Surely some people can't be that stupid.

  13. Haha, another good laugh and definitely many truths in this post. Love it.

  14. Totally!!

    Thanks for linking up again to #thankfulthursday! Love reading your humour and wisdom. xS

  15. So true my love. Even if we did have all the money in the world, we'd still be struggling mum in the end. Even if we could pay someone else to do all the hard work, in the end, we'd have a challenge, and the worry, in the grown up we'd created xx


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