Friday, 21 February 2014

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- not much going on!!

It is that time of the week again, the dissection of the week that was around here.


As it has been ages since I last had a good old fashioned whinge this is a total random list of things that have occurred in the last few weeks.

Note to self, when buying school uniforms and supplies do not leave it until a week before school starts as all the shops will be sold out of everything and it will be a mission.

Also the shops will have bigger Australia day displays selling cheap inflatable thongs than school stuff and you will have to forage around.

When it is raining or foggy or both put your effing lights on when driving.

Also Mother Nature please please please can it not be raining ever again at school pick up or drop off.

It is that time of the year again- nominations for Mother Of The Year.  I can't imagine I will win, the kids are making sure of that!!  Best example from this week of why I won't win is the kindy kid learning rhyming words at school then telling us all about it when he got home.  Dog, log and wog.  Boo and poo, me and wee.  I am waiting for truck or bit to be said!!  I sense an extra long parent teacher interview in a few weeks time!!


The credit card and an extra pair of socks has been located I also made my phone call and was only on hold for 20 minutes.  (see yesterdays post!!)  I also dragged my butt to the shops and replenished the wine supply, thanks aldi for $4.99 bottles of moscato!!

We have made it through another week of school, only another 18 years to go.

I am a little sad the winter Olympics is nearly over.  Although I am happy One Born Every Minute is back on.

That about wraps it up, school pick up time again!!

Linking up this short version of the last few weeks with Dear Baby G who has had a name change and is now Move Fuel Love and also with Miss Cinders for Things I Know.


  1. Hahahaha! MORE WINE! Oh goodness me if I drank it I could go one right now. What a week it's been!

    I am completely ready to sleep in tomorrow, and maybe even Sunday too lol

    MC #thingsiknow

  2. lol at the rhyming words! You need a BIG umbrella for pick ups, as long as the wind stays away :)
    I love my woolies(BWS) bottlo, good for the cheap winos, like me, who buys wine with my small change :)

  3. haha, thank god for Aldi alcohol. Making my morning coffees 'festive' is just about the only thing that makes me excited to get up some mornings. Joking, kinda.


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