Monday, 17 February 2014

Catching up

Today I thought I would catch up on a few little things.

Firstly if you caught my Mexican cob loaf recipe a couple of weeks ago and were wondering how it had turned out well it was delicious and has now become my new take a plate!!  I do have to admit that I did not actually make it, the HOTH did (under strict instructions from the boss)!!  I actually meant to take a few photos but ended up forgetting.  Not entirely my fault I blame the wine!!  A total comedy of errors from the start, lets just say it was just a Mexican loaf as the bread shop had sold out of cobs!!

Next up school.  We are into week 4 here although technically this is the start of the 3rd full week.  So far my big grown up kindy kid is going great.  We are all getting used to the new normal!!

I am on a mission trialling lunchbox/snack foods as lord knows it is painful making a healthy lunchbox 5 days a week.  I already have a few recipes up my sleeve but will gladly add some more.

I saw One Mother Hen's WeetBix Slice and gave it a go yesterday.  Ding ding ding we have a winner, 24 hours on and there is 3 pieces left.  This recipe is going in my file for sure.

Linking up this short but sweet post with One Mother Hen for Open Slather and with Mums Take Five a day late for Sunday Brunch!!


  1. Hiya, Thanks for joining in! glad all is going well. Weetbix slice is always a winner huh we used rice bubbles this week for something different :)
    See you next Sunday .... I'll keep the kettle on for whenever you get there xx

  2. Ding, ding, ding, lol. I am so glad they liked it!
    I am loving the days Izzy is at kindy, so is Summer!

  3. It's always so good to find a recipe that the little food critics like. Don't lose that one.


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