Tuesday, 11 February 2014

bad news good news

Well hi there, long time no see!!

Hope all is well in your part of the World.

Life is in high gear here. So much going on. Mainly good stuff. The 2 big kids are loving big school and preschool and we all survived the first full week of school!!

The bad news is that the crappy lappy finally after hanging in there for about 4 years has officially been given the boot. Lord help the morons who created the virus that infected it because I am freaking livid.

The good news is that it means we are getting a brand spanking new computer in the near future, not quite sure when. Probably not this week.  Hopefully next week.

This means I am having a little blogging break. Trying to do things on the tablet is driving me loopy. I can't even add song of the week which is this one.

I will be back as soon as I possibly can in the mean time you will find me hanging out on instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Tablets are the dumbest invention ever - I fail to understand that the whole world is so taken with them - whenever I try to use it, it can't do the simple thing I'm doing so I have to get on the laptop anyway. All very Emperors new clothes...

  2. I hope your new computer arrives soon. No one needs that sort of frustration.

  3. Yes I struggle to post from the tablets as well, hope you get your new computer sooner rather than later, enjoy your break though.

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

  4. Good luck, blogging on the iPad just doesn't cut it, I know I've tried xx

  5. I used to only blog from the iPad would you believe it?
    Now I am in love with my laptop and the iPad feels too hard most days. Hopefully your new baby arrives sooner rather than later

  6. I kind of wish my computer would break so I had a great reason not to blog - but then again considering ALL my paid work is done on it I had better be careful what I wish for! Enjoy your break lovely x

  7. I tried to write on my Ipad but it just wasn't happening. I hope your new computer gets to you sooner rather than later.

  8. Enjoy your break...and your new computer!

  9. Oh Ann, what a big pain!! I hope you're back online soon, it's just so frustrating, isn't it?
    So glad the boys are loving school. xx

  10. Oh I hope you get a new computer soon. I am old fashioned and have a desktop which I love! Agree about the tablet. See you when you get back! :)


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