Friday, 14 February 2014

THINGS I KNOW-The EPIC winter olympics edition

I have become quite the armchair expert on the winter Olympics this last week.  I am loving it and may have just found the perfect sport for me- Curling.

It is one of the sports that is so cliched and classed as boring however I have been loving watching it.  I would be a perfect choice as the "skip".  Basically the skip is the one who yells at the stone after it is released.  I could do this standing on my head, I practise many hours a day, the guy on the video sounds like me getting the kids to eat dinner!!

In other news. we have survived the second full week of school- lets summarise that by saying there is a bottle of icy cold moscato with my name on it waiting to be cracked open at approximately 3;10pm.  More on school next week!!

This is a short one today, I had to use my valuable computer time sorting out stuff which wasn't fun.  It has however been a pleasure quickly banging out a post on the new girl!!  Not really very epic at all!!

Linking up with Miss Cinders on her facebook page for a very quick Things I Know and with The Lounge ladies which this week is being hosted by Robomum.

Want to join my curling team??!!

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  1. I'm loving the Winter Olympics too. It's bringing back memories of a wasted youth playing on our Atari. I was totally crap at the downhill skiing game but I didn't let a few hundred wipe outs stop me from trying.


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