Thursday, 20 February 2014

10 random thoughts I have had today

Todays prompt from "The Lounge" is 10 things about you.  I am way to boring to have 10 interesting facts about myself so here are 10 random thoughts that have popped into my head today

  1. Why is it 6 weeks ago I brought 10 pairs of white school socks and we now have a total of 3 and a half pairs?
  2. Where is my credit card?
  3. Does anybody actually stay on hold when the wait time is 45 minutes?
  4. I probably should have stayed on hold rather than throw the phone in disgust.
  5. Where can I find a rain coat to buy?
  6. How quickly can I write a blog post?
  7. Where did the spider that was on my bedroom wall on Tuesday night go?
  8. Oh crap I don't think I have any wine for tgif we survived another week of school..
  9. I have done the groceries and can't be arsed going back to the shops.
  10. I really should throw out the flowers I brought nearly 2 weeks ago.
There you have it, a brief insight into my head linked up with Tegan from Musings of the Misguided.

In case you were wondering, 8 minutes from start to finish for this insightful insight!!


  1. The missing socks are hanging out in a parrallel universe somewhere with all the missing pens. I knew there was a reason I bought a half dozen bottles of wine yesterday, they were cheaper and I won't run out for a while!

  2. Today I managed to install or rather Amanda helped me install instagram on my side bar, you can google the instructions. My next task is to add FB. Loved your number 1 to 10. Rae xxx

  3. Thank you for the last sentence. I was wondering.

  4. Haha, love it! SOCKS. WHERE DO YOU GO? And no, I wouldn't have stayed on hold either.

  5. That must be a speed record! And yes I stay on hold, but put the phone on speaker and just continue to work to really bad elevator music! GET WINE STAT!! Em xx

  6. All I have is giggles.

    Where DO all the flaming socks actually go?!!!!

    MC xo

  7. I bet I can guess what govt department you were ringing for that 45 minute wait! Last time I rang my doctor to make an appointment I was on hold for 20 minutes. It's ridiculous.

    Thanks for linking up with us at The Lounge!

  8. 8 minutes, that's awesome! I don't think I've ever written a blog post in 8 minutes. And even my shorter ones take me ages because I keep getting distracted by stuff and googling the perfect images!


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