Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Who, what, where, when, why.


Stole the cookie from the cookie jar?


Is with the worlds media?  Yes the royal baby has been born, its a boy and he weighed 8lb 6.  Stop speculating on absolutely everything else.  Be smart Wills and Kate and release a picture of the baby so the dickheads stop camping outside and give you some peace.
Should I have for dinner tonight? 


Is my swimming spot on a Monday morning?  I was mighty pissed yesterday to discover new children in both swimming classes when I have been asking for weeks to get a spot so both children go at the same time or at the very least on the same morning. 
Are all our socks?  Seriously we all do a dance of joy when we find a matching pair.
Have all my grammer skills gone?  I apologise for any mistakes!!


Will my garbage bin get emptied?  Seeing as how garbage day is Monday and everyone elses bin was done and our bin was out on Sunday night and not done I am demanding an answer to this one. 
Will Jellybean make an appearance- for the record I am 38+6 weeks today and have been asked by the HOTH to hold off until Friday. 


Did I leave the box of lego out and within the reach of children who like to climb?  Now I have to put it all back in the box.  At least they are quiet so its not all bad.
A common question around here is why do we have so many towels and blankets etc?  Well when a poor little 2 year old spews 4 times in an afternoon you need every single towel and lounge cover and blanket. 
Is bloody Peppa Pig on so many times a day. 
Is my blog working perfectly now after doing battle for over 2 weeks when I have zero time to blog?

Asking some random questions for IBOT with Essentially Jess!!

Apologies too for the lack of comment replying, it is on my list for today!!


  1. 38 weeks woohoo. so close yet so far away right? If you ever need tech help just give me a shout ;)
    I also love this post.

  2. Hmmm grouchy, maybe baby will move out today ;)

    I ask myself all of them questions over and over... there are no set in stone answers. Sorry.

    But you could 'lose' the lego in the shed... up high... in an unmarked box!

    MC x

  3. Dunno about all the rest but i think i ate the cookie sorry. Friday... friday i'd be running up and down the driveway by now :)

    good luck

    1. Who you - no me - I stole the cookie from the cookie jar

  4. Asking all the big questions today :) Babies- such little people create such a fuss. Good luck with the arrival! #teamIBOT

  5. My thoughts exactly on the media going away and giving them some piece. It must be very noisy unless they are in a sound proof room, what about all the other patients? Thought you just might have made it before Kate, not long now though. xx Rae

  6. Hang in there gorgeous mumma, I have been there, eg pregnant and having 2 wee ones, please contact me if you EVER need someone.... can't wait for news, ANY DAY NOW! Em xx

  7. HOW are you still finding time to blog? Come on little bubba, we're all dying to meet you!
    Hope you're managing to sneak in a little rest, sweetie.
    Lisa xx

  8. I love this post! Sometimes you just need to ask the random questions :) xx

  9. Hang in there - can't be long now !!!!
    Love the random questions - I wish I could say I stole the cookie - I would kill for a cookie right now !!!
    Have the BEST day !


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