Monday, 15 July 2013

The Badpiper to Rock your Monday!!

It is Monday, the computer has been switched off all weekend and I am still unable to blog properly. Grrrrrrrrrrr. As I completely missed Open Slather last week I am determined to not miss out again so please enjoy this crazy video I found on The Tube. If it doesn't rock your socks for a Monday I will eat my hat!!

Have a great Monday, this week for us marks the start of insanity so I need some positive vibes that a swimming spot opens up for the 2 year old on a Monday morning asap!!

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  1. Crossing everything that the spot opens for the 2yo on Monday morning !!!
    Have a great week !
    PS - who goes to swimming lessons in the middle of winter ????????

  2. I have never seen bagpipes shoot out flames before - awesome

  3. Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Many positive vibes coming your way xx

  4. Hehe, great.

    Hope 2yo gets the spot!

  5. I saw this guy, wonder if we were there at the same time. Fremantle festival? xxx Rae


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