Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Week 37

Here I am finally feeling better and now unable to blog thanks to an error on the page!!

Today is the first day in a week that I have been feeling semi good thanks to a never ending sinus infection. I should have finished the antibiotics from round 1 and not stopped taking them as I felt better. Bring on the end of pregnancy and breast feeding as apparently there is a kick ass nose spray that works wonders but is not safe for me for the next few months

I got some awesome news last Tuesday that as I am a diet controlled gestational diabetic if everything is going well after the birth I will ne eligible for early discharge which put the biggest smile on my face and made me more determined to keep up everything I am doing and not give into temptation!! I love the idea of being able to come home after 24 hours and will do everything I can to make it happen.

Tomorrow is 37 weeks which is considered "full term" huzzah, although Jellybean is under strict instructions to stay put until next week as the HOTH is very busy at work and now is not a good time for him to have time off!!

Jellybeans room is nearly finished off, just some stuff to move out of there. All the clothes and blankets etc are all washed and put away. My hospital bag is pretty much packed and ready to go. I am optimistically not taking a lot!! All thats left to do now is sit and wait!!

The boys are excited and not constantly asking when the baby is coming which is a blessing!! We have sort of enjoyed the last week or so of holidays, they haven't minded hanging at home which is good as there has not been much of a choice.

If anyone has any spare time on their hands and would like to write a guest post to fill in some gaps over the next few weeks please feel free to email me help_stuck@hotmail.com Thanks!!

One last thing check out this awesome book domino I found!! So cool!!

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  1. Good work on the GD! I too am hoping to get out after 24 hours. I was told I can leave after 6 but I think they will most likely want to monitor us for the full 24 hours just to make sure there is no issues.

    I had my antenatal appointment today and thankfully they are happy to let me go to term and not worry about induction unless I go over 40 which is something I am determined not to let happen! I had my first acupuncture appointment with my doula last Friday and since then bubs has decided to drop right down and is starting to engage so I think the doc is pretty confident we can avoid induction! Crossing my fingers that once I get the last of the furniture in to the baby's room on Thursday night, clean my room and organise the bassinette bubs will realise that its time and come on down so to speak!

  2. Do you get sinus/hay fever a lot? Is the nasal spray called Nasonex? If so I swear by it! Mind you I also saw an allergy specialist and had the injections for over a year ... that helps too!

    All the best with the impending arrival! xxx

  3. YAY for the GD under control and possible quick turnaround (if I can call it that !!!) Please hang on until 21st - I'd love another baby to be born on my birthday !!!!!
    I LOVED that book domino clip - it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cool - I loved how those people just say and didn't even look at the books going down - I don't know if I could have sat there and not peeked just a little bit !!!
    Have the best day and take care of yourself lovely lady !

  4. That is so cool! I wonder how many times that book stacking backfired!
    Take it easy as much as you can now, prepare the kids for many down days, get used to what they like to watch, download as much as that crap as you can. Get all the puzzles, books, activities they love and get them ready to launch when the new baby needs you. Don't forget to tell your kids how much you love them and how much the new baby loves them too.
    I left hospi with Summer two days after, it felt real weird telling the chick at the woolies checkout she was only two days old, but the anguish on Izzies face that I wasn't coming home on the first day was hard :( Take as long as YOU need though, and good luck. When things start to happen, HAVE a hot bath, it's all go from there! xxx

  5. YAY for early discharge, with No.2 I was out within 24 hours - but with No.3 - I went private and got 4 days there and I LOVED it - I did miss the other two but meant I had some bonding time with baby and I before heading home to CHAOS!
    I would offer to guest post - but I have offered for two other bloggers recently and not sure I could do another - however if you give me a topic, or questions I know I could do it, it's just coming up with a topic for someone else's blog isn't easy!
    Not long to go now - HOW EXCITING! Em x

  6. Yay for good news!!!! Can't wait to hear about the arrival, and hope it all goes really well for you all xx

  7. Wishing you the very best, you must be so excited, I remember being excited and a feeling of oh oh at the same time. 37 weeks, get lots of rest. xxx Rae

  8. Good news Ann, now just the wait! It's so lovely that your boys are excited, isn't it?
    Take care of yourself honey, you're going to be one busy mama :)
    That clip was amazing, I watched it with Bella, and she was way impressed.
    Lisa xxx


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