Friday, 12 July 2013

FFS Friday/Things I Know- The bad and the good

A quick express blog session before the afternoon chaos begins here. In no particular order!!

The Bad

Not being able to blog properly is giving me the shites. I am going to shut the whole thing/computer/blogger down for the weekend and hope it is all normal on Monday!!

It was the dog who stole a whole bag of apples not the kids giving them to him. Sorry kids!! I know this as he tried to steal a bag while I was looking at him.

My floors stayed clean for 10 minutes this morning after I busted a gut vacuuming and steam cleaning them

It is a sad thing when the expensive floor steamer you have only works if the handle is cable tied down. (lucky I did not pay for the steamer or I would be demanding a refund.)

My memory is shot to pieces. So far this week I have missed my waxing appointment, forgot to register the 4 year old for the craft morning at the library and keep forgetting to get the boys and my haircut. They need their hair done badly as its preschool photos next week and I am getting a sibling one done not just the normal ones. (I cannot wait for the cuteness of that)!!

2 weeks of school holidays is more than enough.

All I have done for 2 weeks is feed the children. The HOTH thinks I am joking when I say he will need to get a second job to pay for food.

Which brings me to how sick I am of going to the supermarket pretty much everyday to constantly buy food.

Also on food I would give my first born for a salad roll from our local bread shop!! I think it will be one of the first things I have when we leave hospital!!

However if I wanted a quiet life I would never have had kids or pets or even a partner!!

The Good

37 week check done and dusted yesterday at the hospital with a doctor. Only a 45 minute wait which is 15 minutes better than last time!! I also got the all clear to go to the clinic rather than the hospital for the next 2 visits although I am hoping it won't come to that!!

The universe has been sending me little signs about something for a few weeks now and in the last week the signs have become way more frequent and hard to miss. A little cryptic I know but I don't want to jinx anything!!

It has been a nice 2 weeks of nothing and I am patting myself on the back for already being organised for next week which sees the start of chaos of an epic scale!!

Thats it for me, have a great weekend!! Linking up with

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  1. Our dogs love apples to - thankfully they haven't eaten any we haven't given them !!! Although one did scrounge around in K's bag and get her lunch that she hadn't finished !!!
    YAY for signs from the universe - they are not to be dissed !!!
    I know what you mean about your memory being shot - at least you have a reason - I only have old !!!
    Have a great weekend !

  2. Oh my goshness how much easier would life be without kids, a husband and pets?! HEAPS!!

    I think I could do a huge FFS post today lol Things have just been so chaotic and stressful.

    Awesome the 37 week check went great! Have to love it when you get the all clear to just go to a clinic not the hospital. Been there done that lol

    Wishing you a FANTASTIC weekend to make up for all the crappy!

    MC x

  3. The food situation is only going to get worse as they boys get older! I hope you're computer is nicer to you, what a bummer.

  4. Hang in there! You're almost there, according to the calendar and the universe!

  5. OMG how do they eat so much more than usual on school holidays? I am forever in the kitchen! It is really interrupting my Candy Crush concentration.

  6. If we don't hear from you we will know where you'll be. Good luck. xxx


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