Thursday, 11 July 2013

Not my fave photo

The self proclaimed Queen of Awesomeness, Tegan at Musings of the Misguided is hosting this weeks The Lounge link up!!

The topic over at The Lounge this week is favourite photo. Too hard for me I have way too many. A few from the last year or so I have put up on my blog here and there. I would have walls of photo frames if I could with all my faves in them. Picking just a few would be near impossible!!

So today I have decided to share my least fave photo. Back story- 2 weeks ago I was all ready and heading out the front door on my solo shopping trip. I open the door to find the cat had left a delightful surprise waiting for me. I freaked out as most normal people would do and was reassured by the HOTH that it would be gone by the time I got home. Off I went and did not give it another thought. A couple of hours later I got a message from the HOTH asking me to call home, apparently he needed me to pick up something but by the time I called he had found he didn't actually need anything at all, he then told me he had taken some really nice pictures for me to look at when I got home.

This picture was it. Obviously I have changed it to protect the identity of a 4 year old who thought it was heaps cool to pose next to a dead rat!! Thankfully the 2 year old had more sense and would not go near it!!

The HOTH is always laughing at my epic parenting fails and always thinks he is going to win Father of the Year, this will not win it for him!! To make matters worse for him he suggested it would be a great photo for me to put on the blog.

Over to you guys, would the winner of Father of the Year actually take photos like this!! Is this one of the most disturbing photos you have ever seen??!!

Disclaimer- the HOTH is a great Dad, and has been a great defacto for the last 13 years!! Once again our anniversary has been and past without either of us remembering!! Whoops!!

Also please excuse the bizzare layout of this post, blogger has gone bat shit crazy this week and is making life hard to do anything and I really wanted to blog!! Hopefully the links work if not I will fix them if blogger ever goes back to normal!!


  1. I agree not exactly Father Of The Year photo!!
    This photo makes me glad I don't have a cat.

  2. I would have run a mile if I had seen a dead rat !! Definitely not FOTY or SOOTY (significant other of the year) - but so typical of dads and sons - I can just see BIL and nephews doing this exact same thing to SIL.
    Take care and look after yourself (as clearly FOTY has other things on his mind - LOL)

  3. Definitely not FOTY material sorry buddy. This is the kind of thing that DP would do to me though. Men grr!

  4. HAHAHA!
    We used to have a cat who left regular offerings for us, but she ate most of the mouse and left its nose, feet, tail, and some internal organs that she must have found distasteful. SO GHASTLY! ALWAYS IT WAS THE SAME! Like a horror movie.

  5. It is kind of funny. Maybe I can see the funny side because I have 3 cats. I would be freaked out if the kids wanted to touch it though.

  6. Bloody blogs - it's kinda cool that it's all underlined!
    I think it's a fine pic - our cats used to always do that - but bring rabbits inside and under out beds, we lived on a farm!
    Men, they are a different breed that's for sure x

  7. I would hate to find that thing! Even the thought of it has grossed me out.

  8. Well that is one Kodak moment worth keeping for the 21st - NOT!! haha Hope the blog gets better soon-so frustrating for you!

  9. Haha! It's times like this that I feel decidedly awkward being one of the few blokes around here (I was invited!)

    So, you're probably all expecting this, but... I'd vote for him! Awesome! Look how happy your boy is!

    (plus valuable lesson on not touching/poking/stampingon/sniffing/licking dead rat. It's a winner!)

  10. Little boys hey? The grottier and grosser it is the more they like it. The same goes for big boys too if you're hub is anything to go by. Dead animals are my least favourite thing so I'd be with you freaking out!!


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