Monday, 10 September 2012

Impossible Pie/ Quiche- Dinner tonight  pop over and check out Chelle's photos!!

4x eggs
1x cup plain flour
1x cup milk
1x cup cream or sour cream
1 x diced onion
1x cup shredded ham
1x grated carrot
1x grated zucchini
1x cup grated cheese
salt & pepper.

Mix it all up, pop it in a baking dish (square lasagne dish is what I use), sprinkle grated cheese on top, cook at 180 for 1hr

Chelle from  just about saved my life when she put this recipe up a while ago!!  I had one similar that was my Nan's called Impossible Pie and lost it but this one turns out way better than the one I had anyway!! 

This my oh crap we have nothing for dinner, its raining and I cannot leave the house, a child or myself is sick and we cannot leave the house, emergency dinner!!  I now have this bookmarked and cook it at least every 3 weeks!! 

It is so easy and really the eggs, cheese, milk, cream (I use sour cream as I never usually have normal cream) and flour ( I have used self raising by mistake more than once and it turns out fine just a bit puffier than normal!!) are the base ingredients and everything else can be added to suit.  I have added chopped tomato, crushed garlic, creamed corn, normal corn, leftover roast vegies, cooked chicken, baby spinach, and mushrooms.  Not all at once but whenever I have something laying around that can go in I chuck it in!!

I usually serve it with salad.  It is yummy straight out of the oven or cold.  I will be making it to take on a picnic as it would travel well cold.or even in a lunchbox for school lunches. 




  1. I make my own version of this, but I make them in a mini muffin pan, the kids love them like this. They never last though :)

    1. I will try that next time thanks!!

  2. Oooh, I make one similar to this, but mine doesn't have cream/sour cream in it. I will have to pin it and try your version. I have some fancy cheese to use up and loads of eggs from the girls. thanks :)

    1. I think my old recipe did not have cream and thats why it wasnt as good!! Anything goes in it thats why I love it!!


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