Friday, 7 September 2012

FFS Friday- Not too much to report this week

It seems I do not have a lot of things to say FFS about this week.  FFS

Life here is pretty damn good as we officially have our new house.  I would put up pics but am too lazy!!.  FFS

Last Friday morning I would have had a whole post but it seems that finally the stars have aligned for us and things could not be better.  FFS

All thanks to the HOTH and his attractiveness to the weird and wonderful characters in the world.  He is now in more than ever with our small town mafia family and one of them helped us out unbelievably on Friday and Saturday.  FFS

Some minor things have happened
  • on Monday the HOTH said to the baby "gee mate you have been sleeping well"  I spat chips and made him knock on wood as everyone knows you don't say things like that out loud, Monday night the baby woke up for the first time in a week.  FFS
  • I finally went to the doctor and got antibiotics, I now feel a gazillion times better.  FFS
  • Slightly less snot around here for the first time in 2 weeks.  FFS
  • I may have given both boys permanent head injuries over the weekend by hitting the big one in the head with a shovel and shutting a cupboard door into the babies head.  FFS
  • I have accepted defeat on winning the mother of the year award.  FFS
  • At least the big one did not tell the world about how mummy hit him in the head with a shovel.  FFS
I am also taking bets on how long it will take the HOTH's family to hit us up for Christmas at our place as we have a rello bash to go to on Saturday.  Odds are it will be within the first 15 minutes.  FFS

I will happily have the gathering at our place as long as the roles are reversed and all I have to do is mow the lawn and drive around buying bags of ice.  FFS

Have I mentioned Christmas gives me the shits.  FFS

The weather here has been perfect so warm and sunny which means summer clothes.  Mine seem to have shrunk since last summer.  FFS

Also the warm weather has stuffed up my outfit for the bash on Saturday.  FFS

That's it for me as the baby has pretty much trashed the computer and it now shits itself with no notice.  FFS

Oh and parental parody if you are reading this I still cant comment on your blog and the sock fairies turned up 4 matching clean pairs of kids socks taking me back in the running for mother of the year.  I have stashed them for special occasions.  FFS
Dear Baby G


  1. My summer clothes have shrunk too. It must have been because they were stored away for so long. Certainly not because of all the scrumptious food I ate.

    1. I know mine have totally shrunk from unuse!! At least I have convinced myself of that!!

  2. Bahaha, you could always join the mafia family with your mad shovel whacking skillz!

    No clue with the commenting issue. Have had 1 person this week say they couldn't comment via the browser they were using?

    I did notice my Disqus morphed into a whole other kinda Disqus of its own accord recently. No clue how or why, but maybe that's what's going wrong.

    Anyway you've just added another FFS to my list. FFS.

    1. Ha I am pretty handy with a shovel!!

  3. We've had two weeks worth of snot and antibiotics here. Hacking coughs and general yuck. Being lazy, and a cheap skate I just started taking the kids antibiotics and am finally better. Bring on summer I'm over it.

    1. I never thought of taking the kids- GENIUS!! Bring on summer definately!!


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