Saturday, 29 September 2012

FFS Saturday

You have reached the answering machine of help!!  I'm Stuck!! 

Ann is snowed under with unpacking and stopping 2 mongrel children from escaping the only unfenced part of the yard and walking on the unsealed concrete or running to the neighbours house.  FFS

Also the HOTH has been home for 2 days and is off until Tuesday due to the long weekend.  FFS

He does not see the computer as being productive.  FFS

Ann would like to thank all the well wishers regarding the safe travels of the alcohol.  It made it safely and has been unpacked into its own cupboard.  FFS

It was a tense half an hour waiting to hear if it was ok.  FFS

The one night a yummy bottle of moscato was opened and enjoyed a certain baby true to form woke up in the night.  FFS

These kids are trying to send Ann to the loony bin.  FFS

If you need Ann in the next 3 days she will be around checking emails and facebook on the mobile phone that cavemen would have used.  FFS

So leave a message after the beep!!


Dear Baby G

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