Friday, 21 September 2012

FFS Friday- Sick again for something different.

Sick again. FFS

More snot everywhere. FFS

Moving this weekend.  FFS

Carpet still not finished meaning I cannot move  the boys into their room.  FFS

My parentals are visiting which is a whole other post.  FFS

I did get a tonne of free stuff from them though.  FFS

Went late night shopping for the first time in years.  It sucked.  FFS

Do people really wear fluro mini shorts out to clubs?  FFS

I clucked my way around the baby department and sadly realised that the baby would not fit into even the biggest baby stuff.  FFS

I really should not be blogging but who cares.  FFS

Lastly my computer is about to blow up courtesy of a 20 month old who finds it hilarious to lean on the "bruttons" until it squeals for mercy/  FFS

Catch you on the flipside of the chaos that will be the next 7 days.  If I am not back next week send booze and a new computer!!

Dear Baby G


  1. God speed with the moving. And the booze. It goes without saying that you don't trust anyone else to relocate your booze supplies. It should really have its own car seat. A car seat with maximum cushioning and the maximum safety rating.

  2. I'm with PP, keep a bottle of wine close to your heart this week. Or get one of those hydration backpacks, fill it with booze, put that straw in your mouth and just keep SUCKING! Good Luck x

  3. Moving sucks. Enough said on that! And I hate Thursday night shopping, it's the absolute pits and best avoided at all costs. Here's hoping the next 7 days go smoothly for you and if not that some magical wine fairy sets up shop in your living room!

    Visiting from FFS.

  4. Ick moving sucks, especially when there is sick people involved. I like Sarah's idea though. Definitely more classy than a truckers had with two cans attached to the sides.

  5. Moving whilst sick, not much fun. I hope the move went okay.


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