Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy Fathers Day, Happy Birthday. I hope you dont mind that I put down in words!!

Dear The HOTH

Our house officially became ours yesterday after years of heartache, disappointment and most of all BLOODY OLD FASHIONED HARD WORK. 

Its a sign that all your hard work, crazy hours and trips working away have totally paid off.  It is the second best thing we have done as a couple/team.  The first being our 2 amazing boys.  Although in fairness I was the one who actually gave birth twice while you conspired with the midwives to not give me drugs!! 

I am so happy that you are such a handyman and are doing so much of the work around the new place.  While most dads were having a nice relaxed fathers day you were digging holes and making a retaining wall with my help I must add!!  Then came back and barbecued your own homemade burgers!!

This sunday being your birthday you will be installing the lights as you are a qualified sparky but I do not need to remind you of the bathroom fan debacle that I will forever hold against you.  So just warning you that any lights that do not switch on with the correct switch will result in my nagging.  You will probably be bbqing again but I may splash out and buy you steak!!

I am lucky you do not care about expensive presents as you got some lovingly handmade stuff from the boys for fathers day and you are getting an $8 tshirt, a lotto ticket and a book.  The book you picked out in target the other day when we were supposed to be looking at dinner sets and I had to call you and yell profanities when you had disappeared and I was left with 2 whinging kids in a trolley.  Oh yeah and you are also getting Sons Of Anarchy season 4 on dvd but its not here yet and if you think I am going to wait to watch it you are sadly mistaken. 

Now pull your finger out and get back to work so we can move in and more importantly finish the house completely so I can start squirrelling money away for Fiji 2014.  We will need a fair bit of cash as I plan on getting a massage everyday and only drinking that awesome Fijian beer we fell in love with until we saw the price!!  Not to mention the many cocktails in the adult pool and all the duty free stuff I will be getting!!

Seriously we love you and I CANNOT wait to take your annual birthday photo with the boys outside of our brand new house!!

Love from

Ann, the big one and the baby. xxxxxxxxxx

PS smart arse comments such as "you having a dishwasher is like me getting Jim's mowing" will be dealt with with violence from now on.

PPS please don't be mad about me blogging.  You did tell me to get a hobby!!

Whoops sadly this was scheduled for sunday afternoon but it did not work, stupid blogger.  We did not get the photo outside the house as the kids were rotten from partying the day before but we did get a photo before bed and no steak for dinner but here is a house photo anyway!!
not the best photo as it is from my phone and I am still to lazy to get the camera!!
linking up for ibot again after 2 weeks of sickness!!


  1. hehe what a great letter!!

    #teamIBOT was here to say hello!!

  2. Congrats on the house. I hope all the lights work as they should lol.
    And a dishwasher is so worth all those comments you will get.

    1. Thanks so far all the lights work perfectly and the dishwasher is my 3rd baby and I havent even used it yet!!

  3. Woohoo congrats on the house - awesome achievement xx

  4. Nice!! That's quite an achievement!! Mega congrats! :D

  5. Congratulation on the house!
    it must be such an exciting time for you. :)

  6. Oh I can't wait till we buy a house. Such an exciting time for you all!

    1. Thanks Jess very excited people here!!


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