Friday, 29 June 2012

FFS. Music soothes the soul!!

Dear Baby G

Same old same old this week.  FFS
Tantrumming 3 year old making me look like mother of the year (NOT) every time we go out in public.  FFS
Teething non sleeping 18 month old.  FFS
Me with the flu.  FFS
School freaking holidays.  Why did I choose preschool that only runs in the school terms.  FFS
I found the camera cord.  It was in the camera case where I put it so it wouldnt get lost.  FFS
No booze for over a week as I am a responsible parent (if the baby ahd had another temp on friday night he would have gone to the lovely hopital emergency room) and I was the designated driver LIKE ALWAYS on saturday night.  FFS

I love these songs and have blasted them all week on my stinking laptop as we dont have a proper cd player.  FFS
I swear Dave Grohl says FFS in the film clip.  Its also very appropriate for FFS.  Its a classic Foo Fighters clip.!! 
We welcomed a "work" ipad into our home this week which apparently I am not allowed to use but a certain someone can check facebook all the time on it.  FFS
Thats me done for the week.  FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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