Friday, 8 June 2012


We moved 3 weeks ago to a rental property while our house is being built.  I still haven't unpacked. FFS

The HOTH has been understanding about how long it takes to unpack with 2 kids under my feet etc but his patience is wearing thin!  He has been away working this week and is expecting big things when he gets back.  He will have the shits.  FFS

Its the middle of winter and the rental has a wood fire which is NOT in working condition.  FFS

The back yard gets the sun for about 2 hours in the morning, I am using the dryer all the time, cant wait to get the power bill.  FFS

Not everything can go in the dryer, I have a back log of clothes drying everywhere.  FFS

Seems like every piece of clothing my children own cannot go in the dryer.  FFS

We moved in and found out there was no tv Aeriel, this is not the landlords problem as they do not consider tv to be an essential service.  FFS

Luckily I have a multitalented partner who was able to fix it.  Only after he got back from working away for the week.  FFS

No tv for a week really sucked.  FFS

After I finally got tv I switched it off 5 minutes later as there was nothing on.  FFS

In the 3 weeks we have been here I have had 3 long hot showers as the lovely landlord has only installed a tiny hot water system.  FFS

The landlord also found the cheapest oven, its not even fan forced.  FFS

The landlord also will not fix the side fences.  My dogs keep busting into the neighbours yard.  FFS

The HOTH got a call as his number is on the dogs collar.  That morning I had gone to do some sneaky shopping and left my phone at home.  He was mad.  FFS

The cats hate the new house and are not talking to me.  FFS

We are paying too much for this house but had to take it as the builder was ready to go.  FFS

The house is carpeted.  Enough said.  FFS

It has rained all this week just as we needed it not too as the builders were going to do the piering. FFS

The rental is a 25klm drive to our suburb.  We are constantly on the road.  The baby has the shits about being in and out of the car all the time especially on a thursday when we have to go twice for preschool drop off and pick up.  FFS

The 3 year old wants to "go home", hates the rental and constantly wants to k ow what happened to his house.  He also wants to help build the new one and paint it green.  Green??  FFS

The same 3 year old also wants to go back to "the turtle house" in Fiji and get more beads in his hair.  FFS

Stay tuned for a Fiji post now that I paid $150 for a computer guy to tell me that my laptop is fine just old and is safe to download my pictures on!!  FFS

Thanks to  for causing me to find another reason to not unpack!!
Dear Baby G

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  1. eeek I hope it doesn't take them long to build your house that rental sounds AWFUL :( Who doesn't buy a fan forced oven these days??? I'm with your 3 yr old, Fiji sounds lovely!! I hope next week is better :)


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