Friday, 6 July 2012

FFS FRIDAY- FIGJAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Baby G

Friday again.  The weeks are flying by.  FFS

The $15 dvd player has given up working.  FFS

Ok I am secretly happy about that for 2 reasons.  1.  I may be able to now get a dvd recorder and 2.  if I see Cars, Cars 2, Toy story 2 or any Fireman Sam dvd again in the near future I may become homicidal.  FFS

Just for the record I put dvds on when the kids are up at 5am and I have not had any coffee yet or on a rainy day which funnily enough has gone on all week.  FFS

Just who is up watching the tour de freaking france in the middle of the night which meant "one born every minute" was not on last night.  FFS

Why are concert promoters so greedy?  To go to the PLAYSCHOOL show they classed a child as 12 months and up.  FFS

Makes me sound like a tight ass but seriously what a rort.  No playschool show for us even if Jay is performing.  FFS

I managed to cook something in the crappy rental oven without burning or under cooking it.  FFS

The HOTH's precious IPAD died on tuesday causing all sorts of withdrawal problems.  Apparently I should have channelled Steve Jobs to fix it.  FFS

He sorted it on Wednesday morning and has been happy ever since.  FFS

Meanwhile I got a message from vodafone saying I had used all my data for the month.  FFS

On the topic of phones I hate the new facebook on my phone and blogger is in french.  FFS

If either child takes my phone and uses it again I will scream. FFS

They are the reason I have no data or batteries.  FFS

This video is the reason I have no batteries.  It is the only thing guaranteed to stop the baby from crying.  FFS

We all want to go back to Fiji ASAP. FFS

The 3 year old is asking santa for a phone for christmas.  FFS

Christmas gives me the shits.  FFS

What a random collection of complaints this week.  FFS

Thats it for me with one last thing.  I am awarding myself a FIGJAM award.  (I totally made it up but I think its cool).
Wednesday morning at 430am I called pj day which was well needed and fun until Wednesday night I realised I had very little milk.  Being the good mother/ martyr I am I did not use all the milk in my coffee and was desperately searching the pantry for long life milk on thursday morning when I discovered some cartons of long life chocolate milk.  Yes I may have discovered the best thing i  the world COFFEE WITH CHOCOLATE MILK.  SO for that I simply say FIGJAM!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for the link up

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