Friday, 15 June 2012

FFS friday. WHY

This week is brought to you by the word WHY.

WHY does the baby only walk when there is no camera to capture the big milestone.  FFS

WHY do I watch "one born every minute" and think another baby would be a good idea.  FFS

WHY cant kids get all their teeth all at once.  FFS

WHY will my children not sleep.  FFS

WHY did I listen to so much Bon Jovi while I was pregnant as now my children's theme song is


WHY did I put a random Bon Jovi clip in?  Because I just learnt how to do it .and I love Jon Bon Jovi  FFS

WHY did I forget the bag for preschool yesterday forcing me to run around buying stuff.  FFS

WHY did I spend 10 minutes picking up dog crap so the kids could play outside only to have them back in after 10 minutes.  FFS

WHY can I not find the remote and am to lazy to get up and change the channel I am watching NZ next top model.  FFS

WHY has it taken me until 10pm to finish this.  FFS

WHY is the only tone of voice my children use is the whinge.  FFS.

WHY did I write and publish a post on tuesday that made me sound like an emo which I am so not.  FFS

Thats it for me.  Thanks Dear Baby G!!

Dear Baby G

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