Friday, 22 June 2012

FFS friday. I am getting a FFS tattoo.

Dear Baby G

I will keep this short and sweet.  Its my recipe on how to have a week where the only way to describe it is FFS!!

1 screaming, tantrum throwing 3 year old who twice in the week has had major meltdowns in public places.  I am still processing todays effort in the doctors waiting room but Wednesdays is a classic!!  I warned him not to but he did it anyway HE OPENED THE FIRE DOOR AT OUR SUPERMARKET SETTING OFF ALL THE ALARMS!!..  Totally freaked himself out and then had a meltdown as I would not let him back in the trolley.  FFS

Also why did I not know about the toy sale at aldi??  I would have avoided it like the plague.  FFS

A teething now sick baby who has only slept through once this week.  Not his fault I know but last nights effort is a champion one.  FFS 

Until last night I can honestly say I have never been up all night with either boy.  FFS

I should stop calling him the baby, he is nearly 18 months old.  FFS

I burnt my right hand on the sandwich press on Tuesday and burnt my left hand on a hotplate which had been turned on by a certain 3 year old on Thursday.  FFS

I have misplaced the camera cord.  FFS

That's it from me,  I am off to see if I have a bottle of wine in the fridge!!  FFS

Thanks again Dear BabyG!!


  1. Oh noes :( You must be so freakin tired!! I have literally just popped a bottle of wine in the fridge so I will think of you later when I have a glass. I hope your babies sleep tonight x

    1. Thanks!! Sorryit has taken me so long to reply apparently my computer will only let me in the morning!!

  2. Sounds like a rough week for you. Hope next week is better.

    1. thanks!! tomorrow is always a better day (sometimes!!).


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