Friday, 23 January 2015

Things I Know #44- Back to school

Next week is the return or start of school for the majority of Australian kids after summer holidays.


I actually have two very excited boys, year 1 kid has been bugging me for weeks now as he wants to go back to school and find out who his teacher is and who is in his class etc.

It just so happens that preschool starts back on the same day.

That could not have worked out better if it tried.

By about 910am on Wednesday I shall be a free (sort of) woman with just one menace at home!!

For a blissful 6 hours!!

Then I get to repeat this on Thursday as well!!

Not that I have thought too hard about it!!

Apparently Mother Nature has organised rain for Wednesday.  Ace it up MN.  I will be doing the drop off and getting out of the car and the pick up so back off with the rain.

So this week I know the countdown is on and also happy Straya day!!

Have a great long weekend guys!!  Is there anything more Australian than cheap wine and a three leg goat!!


  1. I'm dreading back to school - it's such a busy, stressful time for us (3 schools, 2 drop offs, hopefully only one pick up most days!)

  2. So not looking forward to the return of school.
    My kids know who they have as their teachers but I keep forgetting. I am the Mum wandering around school in day one with no idea where any of my kids are! I just learned all of last year's teachers and now I've got to start over again!!

  3. I haven't done the school drop off for a few years now but I still remember those days. Enjoy your (semi) freedom twice a week.

  4. I can sense that there'll be a little happy dance action happening at your place after 9 on Wednesday. Crank the music up high!

  5. We're excited for the return of school here too, with {now} four little people counting down the sleeps! I'm just looking forward to my floors staying clean for longer than five minutes lol

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