Friday, 16 January 2015

Things I Know #43- Today is Friday

Shortest #tik ever as I just realised today is actually Friday and not Thursday.  Hence the Four weddings clip!!

I guess a whole week of shite sleep courtesy of all 3 of my little delights will in fact cause a brain malfunction.

Finally going to bed at 3am Wednesday morning being the worst night ever closely followed by last night with a 1am bedtime.


In other news I will be finalising the details over the weekend to send Maxine off on her journey.  Last call to have a turn and play along!!

Song of the week "Take Me To Church" is a new fave, reminds me of Elton John!!

I hope your week has played out a great deal better than mine!!


  1. I too have been sleeping badly and thus running late and out of's weird isn't it?? Also the holidays has thrown my days of the week's getting confusing.

  2. What size is Maxine?!
    Have a fab weekend! 😊

  3. I'm just as confused at the days of the week Ann - holidays have completely done me in!

  4. Some weeks are like that hope you get some sleep over the weekend

  5. Sometimes having young kids is akin to being a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay. Sleep-deprivation torture should be outlawed.

  6. I love that song too but I hadn't thought of Elton John. It took me a while to like it but it grew on me :)

  7. I've been chasing my tail all week too - lets hope next week is a little calmer. Looking forward to the next instalment of Maxine. Hope you get some sleep soon xx

  8. I've been playing catch up all year. We've had a bit of a forced staycation with hubby needing to stay close to work and fallen into the lazy, don't know what day it is, trap. We will try and return to some sort of routine on Monday. I'm finding it hard to believe, I will have three girls in high school this year and just two schools not three.

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