Monday, 19 January 2015

Reading #returning

my very own signed copy!!

This is the list of books I have read since Boxing Day.  A massive effort by me seeing as how in 2014 I managed to read 2 books.

I have been switching off completely and losing myself in books.  One of the benefits of being up all hours with late night partaying children is that I ended up ignoring them and getting stuck into my books!!

I did the three John Grishams in a row.  I really liked all of them except the ending of The Racketeer.  It seemed a little rushed but was still a great ending.

Then I started on Returning.

2It is written by the extremely talented Francesca from Francesca Writes Here.

I really enjoyed it.  I really really hope Ms Suters is working on a sequel and that someone buys the rights to the book to turn it into a movie!!

I decided I can't say too much about it without giving bits away so you will just have to grab a copy and read for yourselves!!

Next up I have a book I grabbed from our library's bargain rack called Glasgow Kiss which sounds like a good one!!  Although I sense my reading time will be very limited in the next few weeks as we get right back into the swing of reality.

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  1. So this is just a guess but you like John Grisham? I haven't read any of his new stuff but loved his old ones. I hope Francesca is writing a sequel also, I want to know more also!

  2. I use to read one to two books a week. Last year and probably since starting the blog, I would be lucky to read that in a year. Determined this year to get back to reading more books but not entirely sure where to start.

  3. I didn't do a heap of reading over Christmas but I did when we went on holidays at the start of December. It's been raining this afternoon and it's the perfect weather to curl up with a book...if only I didn't have an offsider asking me questions every 5 minutes lol!

  4. Wowzers, that's an impressive list of books to have read in such a short time! I need to disconnect a lot more than I do and get back into reading, which I do love!

  5. I hope you get to read many more books this year Ann!

  6. That's a huge effort. I must keep my eye out for that last book. I'm always interested in other people's recommendations.

  7. I haven't sat down and read a whole book in ages, just dribs and drabs here and there. Returning is on my list though. It sounds good!

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  9. Thank you thank you thank you for blogging about my book. I know it was a month ago - it's been a crazy busy month for me and I've barely touch my blog or read other blogs, so I'm sorry it has taken me so long. I'm really glad you enjoyed reading #Returning and I'm so excited that you blogged about it! How cool would it be as a movie?! Thanks again :-)


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