Tuesday, 13 January 2015

#maxinethemaxi -Sarah from People Don't Eat Enough Fudge

When I commented on this post Five in Five on Ann's blog back in September and said ''I cant do maxi dresses for some reason, I love them on other people and, being tall, I always think they should suit me but I just end up looking like a pair of walking curtains. I really didn't think very much more about it.


Ann contacted me and asked me if I would like to take part in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Maxi Dress.

The idea was that Ann would send the dress to me, I would style it my way and write a post about it and then I would send the dress back.

Would I like to do that??

Hell YES!

A couple of weeks later the postman delivered a parcel and I was SO excited!

The dress was pretty, slinky and even long enough for ME which at 6ft is something of a rarity!

Now I'm famed for wearing most of my clothes far too short. It's probably my rebellious streak kicking against the god awful weather we have here in the UK for much of the year.

There's nothing I like better than wearing my shorts or little summer dresses and I've never even looked sideways at a maxi dress before (see reason above) and to be honest, I was stumped!

I had NO idea how to style this dress. I liked the look of it, I liked the feel of it. I loved the way it flowed and skimmed and was totally weightless. I also loved the fact that after travelling for 12000 miles it came out of that package without a single crease (I don't really do ironing ... or dusting .... or .... well, that's another post ...).

I turned to the internet for inspiration and found loads of different ways you can wear a maxi dress.

Belts, scarves, shoes, boots, safety pins - yep, safety pins - but don't worry, I didn't use any, I didn't want to poke holes in Ann's dress.

I had lots of fun trying out the different styles although I've got to admit I was REALLY bad at getting them to look the way they did on line and most were a complete disaster.

I roped Miss Mac in as my photographer and we took a few pics in the garden.

I take a TERRIBLE photo! Seriously! I pull weird faces nearly every time!

You know when you go out with a group of friends and they all start snapping away on their phones and post photos on FB about what a great time everyone's having?

Well, you hardly ever see any of me (unless they are really mean friends). They take the snaps but then I see them review them, frown and then silently hit delete no doubt inwardly berating me for ruining yet another great shot.

So anyway, Miss Mac (bless her) tried SO hard and took SO many photos (and laughed a LOT) and eventually we got a few photos that don't make me want to garrote myself with the twisted up dress (which would be a shame as it is a lovely dress).

First of all I wore the dress full length with just a belt slung low around my waist and (at Miss Mac's insistence) a scarf tied bandana style around my head and simple gladiator style sandals with turquoise beads.

The photo is a little blurry but it really was the best one we got!

Then I tried it (as shown on tinternet) with a belted vest top over it and long brown boots (see me looking all wistful and gardener like?)

Then I folded the top of the dress down (this was really easy as it's such a light fabric) and belted it at the waist so it became a long skirt and I wore it with a white vest top and a lightweight denim shirt dress worn open over the top.

I really wanted to show the way they had pinned the dress so the hem hung in a handkerchief way, all unevenly just above the knee but as I said, I didn't want to pin the dress so I've tried to show kind of how it should look by sitting down. I've teamed it this time with my favourite long line cable knit cardigan and the same brown boots turned down to show the sheepskin lining.

Finally I asked Miss Mac to style the dress her way for me.

She looked SO pretty! She's gone for a great young look with the dress folded and belted to make it above the knee borrowing my wide tan belt to hold it and the same gladiator sandals I wore and added a flower head band and an acid wash denim jacket for a really youthful hippy chick look.

I wish I could have done the dress more justice in these photos, I've really had my eyes opened to their versatility and practicality and, who knows, maybe I will buy one for myself next summer.

Thanks you SO much Ann for choosing me to style this dress for you, I'm really looking forward to seeing how everyone else wears it!

Sarah xx

I really want to thank Sarah and Miss Mac for their amazing contribution towards #maxinethemaxi or #thesisterhoodofthetravellingmaxi   You both have nailed it and I love love love your pictures 

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If you want to have Maxine pop over and visit you or if you want to see me and Maxine head on over to this post for all the goss!!


  1. You look smashing! At 6ft (so jealous), everything should look wonderful on you. I am 5'4 and such a garment would be trailing the floor on me!
    What a gorgeous challenge!

  2. Wow! You guys did so well. I can't believe how creative you are and how much thought you put into this. I'm so jealous of your figure. You look amazing. I love the idea of The Sisterhood of the Travelling Maxi Dress. Very cool indeed.

  3. That's really clever! It looks great with the singlet - I'd never think of that....

  4. Such a cool idea! Love what you did with it :)

  5. I love every outfit you created. What a fun idea to have a traveling dress!

    Den from inner compass designs (I cannot get blogger to change to my new name- such a jerk lol).

  6. this sounds like such a fun thing to do.... and it looks incredible

  7. Wow - there are some great ideas there !!! Sounds like you had heaps of fun too which is also a good thing.
    Have the best day !

  8. Brilliant! Each style is unique but I like the second last one the best :)

  9. You both look great. And what a great idea to send over a maxi dress. Sounds like a fun community project!

  10. Love it! Sadly I'm too big to wear maxis - I can't even imagine how it would look! (Plus I'm not much of a dress-wearer....)

    PS. I think I like the second last one as well!

  11. I had no idea there were so many styles! I have one maxi and I don't think it's quite this flexible, and I never feel great in it. Maybe I just need a different dress

  12. I usually just throw my clothes on and go so I think you did a fabulous styling job!

  13. I like the style in the picture at the top the most. My husband hates maxi's so it's kinda banned here. Of course I wear what I want but there is a bit of a curtain look to them on a lot of people. You height definitely helps this, lucky lady. I'm too short.

  14. These look great, and I especially love the first one!

  15. It was a complete privilege to have the chance to style this dress, thank you Ann. Miss Mac and I had fun looking at different ways to wear it and I was genuinely surprised at how versetile it was. Very much looking forward to seeing what others do with it x

  16. WOW that is quite a bit of competition I have to deal with right there!! xx

  17. Looking great! Maxine really looks great on you and Miss Mac!

  18. That looks like fun! The sisterhood of the travelling maxi. I love it!
    You look great by the way. You did do the dress justice.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  19. That is the BEST idea! I want to start a sisterhood of a travelling somethingorother!
    Also, I think you're being a little hard on yourself, you look gorgeous x

  20. What a great concept!!! I love the way she has styled it - my maxis were my saviour during my pregnancy - not as dresses, but folded down as sorts - very versatile!!

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  21. Totally fabulous. I love your style you look great !. What a very cool and exciting idea !

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