Friday, 9 January 2015

Things I Know #42- Still switched off

Our little holiday is coming to an end unfortunately.

Next week semi reality kicks back in and we start to get a little normality back.

I have enjoyed the last couple of weeks immensely.

We haven't done much, a few trips to the beach, a lot of hanging out, a few sneaky arvo naps, a lot of Carona and lime drunk and this week a special 4th birthday and intensive swimming for the big boys.

I have read 2 books and am devouring the next one.  I am loving reading, loving it.

I will be back into blogging next week as I will be up early again and have my quiet hour or so in the morning as the HOTH is back to work so no more sleeping in!!

I am kicking next week off with a fun little project I have been working on, be sure to pop by on Monday to meet Maxine.  I also have a review and giveaway to come in the following weeks as well as the usual tripe!!

I am excited to be able to share more photos as I rece3ntly discovered a little thing called a card reader!!  Who knew??!!  Long story short I rang Fuji about getting a cord to transfer photos from my camera to the computer as I am over doing it wirelessly and the lovely lady told me I could get a cord but it would be much cheaper to buy a card reader.  I ordered one off ebay and it turned up this week yay!!

So that wraps up another week.  I have a total random earworm as song of the week, sorry not sorry!! Catch up with you all next week!!


  1. OMG I was OBSESSED with Hanson when I was a teenager.

  2. Your holiday sounds a little like mine - except for the swimming lessons.

  3. I am still away with bad reception! ;)
    Enjoy your Summer!

  4. Enjoy your last few days before reality kicks back in!

  5. Sounds like a perfect holiday - We had a glorious day here last Friday and headed for the beach, if it hadn't been so cold you could almost have kidded yourself that it was Summer here too.

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