Tuesday, 16 September 2014

#zennotes and Rainbow farting unicorns

I was going to have a mega whine today.  Like how annoying life can be.  You know the little things which are minor but combine them altogether and it is one massive pee off.

For example

  • Bonds stay up baby socks DO NOT STAY UP.  False advertising right there.  Maybe they do on a mannequin but not on any child.
  • People who drive really slow in the ultra fast lane.
  • Afternoon radio.  While I am at it morning radio.  Gee I would love a digital radio in my car.
  • My precious Bon Jovi cd in the car is scratched.
  • People who don't kiss and drop in the kiss and drop zone but kiss, hug, faff around, have a conversation, etc.  (not that we have a designated kiss and drop zone which I thought was mandatory at all schools??)   
  • Kids who will not let me walk into a shopping centre without having meltdowns.
  • Continually forgetting what it is I went into the bloody shops for.
  • Mother Nature not getting the memo that it is spring or that we have had enough rain.  
  • Keyboard warriors.  
  • Wasting a precious half hour of my life working out just what the heck Skylanders are and then having to break the news to a five year old that he will not be having any part of the bloody things because I am not buying a freaking xbox or playstation.  (I think I got the gist of them- a video game with toys that interact??!!)
  • The fact I have zero computer knowledge and cannot do simple things like plug an iphone in to it and transfer music from the lappy to the phone.  Nothing I plug into the computer registers on it at all and I don't have any idea how to make it.
But then something special happened.  Thanks to the crazy day that is Monday I forgot to check the mail so it was such a beautiful surprise to check this morning and discover these gorgeous things.

from the very lovely Lisa from Random Acts of Zen.  I just love these #zennotes.  I will be keeping one of them and giving away the rest, Which is the whole idea of them, although I could keep all of them!!

Then I saw these pop up on my facey newsfeed and really like their inspirational messages.


I am also loving getting tftd from Me.  This lovely lady has twice in the last few days made me spit my coffee out.  Firstly by using the word "fugly"which I believe is one of the most underused words ever and should be brought back into daily use asap.  Also by giving me the image of unicorns farting rainbows!!

 This right here is FUGLY!!  But oh so funny!!

 Turns out people all over the world love a rainbow farting unicorn!!

This weekend we are going to the country to visit the most awesome of friends and while our trip has been cut short by a day it is still going to be epic and I cannot wait!!  There will be wine, food and laughs.  The perfect recipe for a great weekend!!

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  1. I totally get how peed off you are feeling - if those things had happened to me I would feel the same. YAY for some time away with friends - have the bestest time ever !!!!

    LOL - I'm sorry I made you spit out your coffee but glad that it made you happy !!!! Fugly (despite what my husband feels about it - he HATES it because apparently I am better educated and don't need to use words like that - I TOTALLY disagree with him and sprout fugly every chance I get !!!) And rainbow farting unicorns are my favourite animals at the moment - in fact I have a picture very similar to the one you posted stuck on the side of my computer screen at work and when things aren't going like they should, I look at my rainbow farting unicorn and smile and all is right in the world (OK maybe not quite but it doesn't feel so bad when you have one of those looking at you !!!)

    I love how your one post says so much - that is so true and a great use of your time !!

    Love, hugs and rainbow farting unicorns to brighten your day !
    Me xox

  2. People who drive slowly in ANY lane, especially here in the country when all the roads only have one lane each way drives me NUTS!

  3. Haha, great read and some great links. Also started to feel my blood boil with some of your...ahem..concerns (I love a good whinge by the way!), I mean freakin' skylanders, what are they seriously, and no I haven't caved on the playstation issue yet, and I am constantly forgetting what I went to the shops for (just remembered I have to buy tissues as I promised one of the kids yesterday but forgot..oops). Grrrr....but now I am all calm again cause you gave me zen notes and farting unicorns. Enough said. :)

  4. Love Lisa's zen notes. Glad they perked up your week. I hate many of the things on your list but the driving Omg. Just this morning I was entering the tunnel (speed limit 80) behind someone doing 40!!! OMG I moved into the right hand lane ASAP but in my rear view mirror half way through the tunnel I could see they had backed up the left lane as they were still driving slow WTF with slow driving (and the psychos who speed demon move in and out of lanes leap frogging past one car at a time etc). Ok car rant over. Presses my buttons everyday eek.

  5. I remember those socks, I was GUTTED and felt ripped off! You're allowed to have a shit day. I'm having one too, just lack of sleep, too much work, washing and food in my belly that I didn't have the willpower to say no to! HUGS xxx

  6. I'm completely crap when it comes to technology, Big D popped round earlier and pointed out that I didn't need to keep spending a fortune getting my digital photos transferred onto disc as my laptop does in face have a card reader and I could do it myself for free ... Who knew ...!!!

  7. Aren't Lisa's cards just gorgeous?! Mine arrived in the mail this week too. I can't wait to spread the zen around :) Visiting via #teamIBOT

  8. One of my friends used to burn all of her cds and keep the 'good' copy in a bookshelf and then the other copies were used in the car. Then if it got scratched she would just burn another copy! I wish I was techy enough to do it with DVDs so that we could actually have movies for longer than 12 months until they are scratched so bad even the DVD player won't read them!

  9. I got Lisa's inspirational notes yesterday too. Just lovely.

  10. You have day s like that - where all those little irritations add up to make one giant cranky person. Thank goodness for caring people that can change it all around with a small act of kindness.

  11. My zen notes arrived yesterday too, so excited! Yay for Random Acts of Zen and spreading the love!

  12. This is so brilliant. This is what #thankfulthursday is all about. Having a whinge, seeing that life can indeed be crap then choosing to see the fating rainbows instead and focus on them. Thank you for sharing your brilliance with us. xS

  13. Firstly gorgeous Ann, thank you for helping me spread some good karma.....you're fabulous!!

    I'm with you on so many of these; I'm so NOT techy, so can really do nothing but the basics. Slow drivers are almost as dangerous as fast drivers. I remember those socks, and they were just a pain. If I don't write down every single thing, I'm in strife!
    But thankfully, I don't have to worry about Skylanders. Just don't get me started on loom bands LOL.

    And then you shared The Presidents with one of my favourite songs ever! Enjoy going down the country xx

  14. There is such a thing as a "precious" Bon Jovi CD? I thought they made good coasters.

  15. Loving the Dennis Leary throwback! I get annoyed at the little things too and sometimes they mount up enough where I actually lose my shiz for a bit... Then I remember that tomorrow is another day and somehow get through the night. Zen is good. I have a couple of little notes in strategic places as well. Cheers for always linking up with The Lounge. We'll have to have to host soon. X

  16. Enjoy the weekend - and aren't those Zen Notes great!!!

  17. Oh the school drop off thing drove me nuts too! These days I walk in which is much better for my blood pressure.
    Glad you found lots of positivity in the end. xx


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