Friday, 5 September 2014

Thins I Know #23- Liebster from PEOPLE DON'T EAT ENOUGH FUDGE

Way back in June Sarah from PEOPLE DON'T EAT ENOUGH FUDGE awarded me with a Liebster.  I am going to answer her questions for me today.  As I have had so many awesome people nominate me I have decided to play along with each one by answering all their questions each week and when I reach the last one I will nominate my 10 people and ask my questions.  Cheating a little but hey who cares!!

1. Answer 10 questions given by the nominator.
2. Nominate 5-10 blogs that each have less than 200 followers.
3. Give 10 questions to your nominees.

2)  What's your favourite cake?
Chocolate mud cake.

3)  Do you have a friend who you would hate if you didn't love them so much? 
Nope don't think so!!

4) When did you last make and arse of yourself and how? 
I put my foot in it the other night funnily enough.  Sit back and enjoy this short tale.
You know how I go exercising with some ladies from playgroup etc well there I was the other night with a lady I don't really know plus some regulars and we were discussing school life and how the school has cracked down on stuff.  For example one lady wanted to take in elastics for sport however she couldn't unless they are an approved brand.  Which is when I piped in with something about how the kids may as well wear uniforms made out of cotton wool.  I continued saying how I rolled my eyes when we came back for term 3 and some of the poles of an out door area are now covered in a padded material.   Welllllllllll it turns out the school added the padding because the lady's, who I didn't know well, child had injured themselves on one of the now padded poles.  Yep, foot right in it!!  Luckily that conversation happened at the end of the night so I only ad to wish the floor would swallow me  up for a few minutes!!

5)  Kittens or Puppies?
Kittens and puppies!!  Although I am a crazy cat lady!!

6)  Do you have an item of cleaning or cooking equipment that you don't know either what it's for or how to use it? 
The iron!!  

7)  Have you ever cyber stalker anyone?
Every Friday I have a peek at a certain facey page.  Not saying who or what!!  I don't really stalk thanks to having no time!!

8)  What's the weirdest injury you've ever sustained?
My 5 year old when he was 2 split my head open!!  Also occasionally I pull the muscle in my butt which is incredibly painful and really embarrassing when people ask why I am limping!!

9)  Have you ever accidentally sent a text/email etc to the wrong person?
Nope.  Lately my phone as been mucking up and not sending or receiving texts or emails which is really quite annoying!!

10) Have you ever vlogged?  If yes, what was it about?  If no, would you ever?  
Gawd NO.  The world is not ready for it!!

A great set of questions, thanks Sarah!!  If you haven't already please pop over and visit Sarah's awesome blog.

Turns out I know a lot this week.  

For example my new name is now Doctor Quin Medicine Woman.  Another week, another minor medical drama, another late night trip to the chemist.

Lesson learnt and I am now restocking our medicine cupboard to hopefully avoid such exciting times again.

Pink is Song Of The Week.  I was devastated to hear Pink being played on wsfm the "classic rock"station.  

I also know that children who will not gtftb have made this quite the short #tik this week!!  Which generally happens when I have a lot to say!!

Last but not least- Happy Father's Day. Enjoy, whatever you do!!  I know the HOTH has some awesome stuff the kids have made!!  

Over and out for another week!!


  1. Very curious on the Facey page!!??!! And glad you said that about the vlogs - I don't get people want to watch them! As that lady said 'Ain't nobody got time for that!'

  2. Oh aren't those moments where you put your foot in it priceless! I've done a few of those in my time as a Mummy with other Mummy groups and oh how hideous they are!
    Wow you are a FB stalker?! That's hilarious! I am wondering who or what it is now...

  3. I'm with you on the irons. What are they indeed!

  4. How on Earth did you narrow it down to ONE type of CAKE???!!! It's my Facey page, right? I knew it!

  5. Covered poles - what next!!! I am with you cotton wool uniforms!!! I heard that in some school they have banned cart wheels - ridiculous!!!

  6. Great responses!! Love the pole story. What are the chances of that happening!!

  7. I actually found my iron the other day, I thought about dusting it but I don't really dust ...

    Thank you for the shout out lovely and for answering the questions, love your answers! x

  8. Padded poles that's just bizarre and can I add stupid. I got through school as did my girls and thousands before us without padded poles xxx

  9. I really enjoy these posts - I love learning more about my fave bloggers :) I have put my foot in my mouth far too many times to count - thank goodness the embarrassment is usually over pretty quickly!

  10. Isn't that 'foot in the mouth' moment so embarrassing, you just can't back pedal fast enough!
    Oh my gosh.
    My iron hardly ever sees the light of day. I only got it out during the week, to iron a hem before I sewed it up. I hate being short! It means I have to take up just about every pair of pants I buy!

  11. LOL, that is a cracking case of Foot in Mouth disease. Calling out the Cotton Wool Mum. Bahahhahahhahah!

  12. Love it, Ann. It's great to get to know you better through these questions :-)


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