Friday, 19 September 2014

Things I Know #25- Liebster from Stephs Joy

This weeks liebster comes from the lovely Stephs Joy.


The Liebster Award Rules are as follows:
  • Thank the blogger who gave it to you including a link back to their website.
  • Answer the eleven questions they ask you.
  • Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.
  • Ask those eleven bloggers eleven questions.
  • Let those bloggers know that they have been nominated so they can continue the chain.
My 11 questions from Steph are
  1. You have 30 minutes all to yourself, what do you do?  
  2. I usually faff around on the computer!!  Half an hour would be divine!!
  3. What do you prefer – chocolate tart or cheesecake?
  4. Chocolate tart!! Chocolate wins hands down!!
  5. What’s the best advice that you’ve been given?
  6. Oooh I am not sure there.  Might have to come back to this one in another post!!
  7. How many siblings do you have?
  8. 3 sisters!!  
  9. Your favourite thing to do on a date with a loved one?
  10. Go out to dinner. I can't wait to do other things like go to the movies!!  One week to go until we get a date night!!
  11. Do you have a brown thumb or a green thumb?
  12. More brown than green!! I would love to have a green thumb.  We are still deciding how to finish our yard off and  when we do I can't wait to get some pretties!!  In my defence though the kids and dogs have trashed our efforts in the past!!
  13. What’s something nice that someone else has done for you?
  14. Sent me some #zennotes, I get some awesome comments on this little blog not just this week but all the time!! Friends who make me smile by tagging me in funny stuff on facey and instagram.  Last week one of the school mums offered to drive kindy kid home after a party so I could take the other 2 home and put one to bed.  That was a really nice gesture.
  15. Describe your staple outfit.
  16. Winter is trackies or jeans.  Summer is shorts and tops.  I am going to make more of an effort in summer this year!!  In saying that yesterday I wore some long shorts and a nice ($5 Kmart bargain) long sleeve top.  I ended up with a shocking sore side because I had to carry a poor sick bub around for the majority of the day and the seam in my top rubbed like a mofo on my side!!
  17. Your dinner last night was?….
  18. It should have been something yummy from our local restaurant but instead it was sausage wraps!!  Thanks to me spending the majority of the week a bit under the weather and then having a sick bub I decided not to go to dinner.
  19. What’s your quirky habit?
  20. Hmm not sure I have a real quirky one.  Maybe the fact I have to have my morning coffee out of the same mug everyday or it is not a good day!!
  21. What reminds you of your childhood?
  22. '' Music.  Like this weeks Song of the Week!!  

    Awesome questions!!  Thanks Steph!!

    n other #tik we are heading off for the weekend YAY!!  Meaning I will be spending the whole of Friday packing for one night.  We may need to hire a trailer for the amount of crap needed for one night!!

    I am also playing a little game called spot the typo in my posts lately.  I am sure there will be one in this one!!  They usually show themselves when I hit publish!!


    1. Man, I loved Huey Lewis...heh heh...

    2. Date night - oh my, it's been years! YEARS! Enjoy it won't you!
      I will now have Huey stuck I my head all week so thanks for the earworm!

    3. Hey, I've got 3 sisters too! I'd always go for the cheesecake though despite that fact that I love chocolate and I always have my morning tea (can't face coffee first thing) in my special morning tea mug.

    4. Have a great weekend away :) Don't take your Kmart top with you ;)

    5. Thanks for playing along Ann! Hope your household is on the mend!

    6. I love this idea! I'm totally a chocolate tart girl too. Although, there's always room for both desserts haha

    7. Depends on the flavour of cheesecake for me ;)
      Having three sisters would be wonderful! I love my sister.

    8. I have a liebster from Steph too, I will have to get myself round to doing it! So slack...


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