Friday, 12 September 2014

Things I Know #24- Liebster from Nourish Nation

This weeks Liebster nomination came from Deb from Nourish Nation.


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1. What nourishes you?
Coffee!!  Ok I was told that is too cliche!!

Really though the little things that me me smile nourish me.  Last weekend when we had some sunshine after weeks of rain and we spent the nicest afternoon together, just the five of us.  Chilling in the yard, early bbq dinner then a walk to feed the ducks.  Stuff like that makes me mega happy!!  Also next weekend we are heading off for a weekend away with the best of friends.  It will be chaos.  8 adults and 12 kids!!  It will be awesome and I have been on the countdown ever since we organised it!!  I will be very nourished after this (maybe slightly dusty too!!).
2. Are you a morning or night person?
I am a morning person if I have had a good nights sleep the night before!!  I love a quiet hour before the daily crazy begins.

3. What sport would you love to do?
More stand up paddle boarding in Fiji.  I really want to swim more this summer.

4. Favourite TV series?
Toss up between Sons Of Anarchy and The Shield for drama and I still love watching Sex and the City as a comedy.

5. The perfect day for you is?
See the answer to 1!!  We have the perfect day every now and again without me realising it.

6. Gold or silver jewellery fan?
Silver all the way!!
7. Your favourite quote is…?

Right this second it is gtftb (go the bleep to bed) and stfib (stay the bleep in bed)!!
I have so many quotes I love, song lyrics too.  I seem to come back to this one a lot lately.

8. What musical has taken your breath away?
The Lion King.  Amazing.  Loved it.  Wish I had seen it this time around.  I loved Mary Poppins too.

9. The most inspirational person in your eyes is…?

I find so many people inspiring.  However Mother Teresa is one of those I would love to learn more about.

10.What would you name a new pet dog?

A quick pole of the family for this one as I have never named a dog.  Ours came with names!!  Tipsy and Jess.  Nothing more shameful than when your kids are pretending to be dogs while doing the groceries and saying stuff like Ï am Tipsy!!

The HOTH has always wanted a tea cup chihuahua called Tiny.  The big boys said Sizzles (from Charlie and Lola if you don't have small kids!!) and Hash Brownie which is what they wanted to call their baby brother!!

Thanks Deb for the award and the awesome questions that have come with it!!  I would like to nominate you for Five in Five over at Ms Mystery Case.

In other things I know this week, I have been invaded by ants.  Ants which have some super power and are immune to ant sand and ant rid.  I shall be spending today ridding the house of these feral tiny things.

Two songs of the week.  The first is one we have been cranking for a couple of weeks now.  The last is another shock discovery from the "classic rock" station.  What is the world coming to when Pearl Jam are considered old people music!!


  1. Ipad issues - I love that you have the perfect day without realising it...

  2. Stand up paddle boarding in Fiji - now I could get into that (if only the opportunity was there)!

  3. Ants are so awful aren't they? Especially the ones that are immune to being killed. I love paddle boarding as well. Though it has been a while between paddles here as well

  4. Thank you Ann, fab answers. I too love coffee and think that Sizzles is a great name for a dog. Planning to see the Lion King too, think it is in Melb next year. Look forward to doing 5 in 5, can't promise it'll be done soon but it will be done, x dEb

  5. I'd have answered so many of those in the same way - Love Sons of Anarchy, silver and coffee AND I had a infestation of ants a few weeks ago, an ant trap got rid of them in 24 hours though fortunately, good luck with getting rid of yours!

    At the moment we have a young cat called Squishy, we were supposed to be just fostering her so I refused to give her a proper name but we've all got so attached to her and now I can't imagine calling her anything else :-)

  6. five in five and a liebster in one week! on fire lol :)
    i had a cat called tipsy once.
    Thanks for betterman - ahhhh :)

  7. I think the ant thing must be an epidemic. I just opened our bin to find it crawling.

  8. Oh I LOVE Sons of Anarchy! So keen to get stuck into the new season and a little devo that it's the last! Congrats on your award! (2 in one week! Go you!!!)

  9. If Pearl Jam is classic rock, I suddenly feel very old!
    haha that Tipsy story is hilarious, and just a bit embarrassing.
    Love Mother Teresa wisdom. xx

  10. I loved the lion king too! I immediately brought the soundtrack after I say the performance and love listening to it. It is so powerfully moving.
    Thanks for sharing this with #thankfulthursday xS


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