Monday, 15 September 2014

LBD Challenge- Red Carpet and a Happy Birthday

Red Carpet

Sergio Rossi ankle boots

Salvatore Ferragamo clutch

Diamond jewelry

Antique jewelry

Playing along again this week with  Mystery Case LBD challenge.

The theme this week is Red Carpet.  

Because I am such a fashionista I have gone with a really simple but expensive dress and blinged it up with some mega expensive accessories!!  

I may wear this outfit at the premiere of the movie I am sure that will be made of my life.  It will be called "Snot and other catastrophes"!!

I believe it is a very special persons birthday today  I was going to send a card but instead I got Eddie Vedder to sing Happy Birthday just for them!!

Linking up with The Birthday Girl for #openslather and The Case for more fashion fun!!


  1. Lovely! I wish I had somewhere to go in such an outfit.
    Today I am wearing my little black track pants and I have cleaned the shower in them - a life of luxury!

  2. I am looking forward to the movie 'Snot and other Catastrophes' xxx

  3. lol to Snot and other Catastrophes. As well as Perth Fashion Festival this week, I have the Italian Film Festival opening night tonight. I'm guessing my LBD is going to get a bit of a work out this week.

  4. Oh if I was into crazy high heels I would be totally getting this shoes!! Beautiful!!

  5. ooohh and happy birthday pearl jam noice!! this outfit i would do :) thanks for linking up lovely have a great week. x

  6. I love that outfit, all you need now is a hummer and a red carpet xx
    Oooh, yeah. Happy birthday from Eddie Vedder, but he's drinking all my Moet! He was my total dreamboat 15 years ago, had many a daydream about him. Thank you!

  7. That clutch is SO pretty!! I wish I had somewhere to wear a LBD but most of my time is spent in shorts and t-shirts, still, I can dream :-)


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