Friday, 1 November 2013

Things I Know/ FFS Friday- Wrecking Ball

What has made me roll my eyes and say FFS this week-

The kids let Shiraz the cat out by accident on Tuesday night while I was in the shower forcing me to spend a fair bit of the night outside in my pjs calling for Shiraz.  Luckily it was windy and raining a little so not too many people saw and heard me sound like a desperate wino.  The cat rocked home the next morning as if nothing had happened.

Not only did channel 9 get rid of Days Of Our Lives but they got rid of The View too and have replaced it with a movie.  Some movies have been awesome but seriously the amount of swearing in them is ridiculous.  Yes I am chained to the lounge for 95% of the day feeding a baby so I am an authority on daytime tv at the moment.

Also why are there so many home shopping channels on??

We had our local fair last weekend.  It was awesome except when we got there my thong broke.  I had to hobble around looking for a stall that sold shoes when there wasn't one I had to hobble to the surf shop and buy a new pair of thongs.  I have no idea how people walk around with no shoes on I got about a thousand bindis stuck in my foot.  Ouch.

The fair has given me a new addiction which is gozleme.

The 4 year old walked around the fair like some kind of rock star with people yelling out to him and saying hello.

I have been replying to blog comments via email this week only to discover heaps of them are no reply addresses.  Also while sitting on the lounge feeding the baby.

There are 2 building sites on our street at the moment with heaps of activity and always something to look at when we walk past.  There is also a heap of workers cars/utes around too.  We like to walk and spell and count on our walks.  Yesterday there was a ute with a sticker on the back and me being mother of the year was not paying any attention to what was on it until I hear F.U.*.K H.I.P.S.T.E.R.S what does that spell Mum out of the 2 year olds mouth.  I out right lied and said I didn't know!!  What the hell is a hipster anyway??!!

Lastly on Saturday I was watching some music video show when Miley Cyrus came on licking a hammer as she does, sat Speedy up to burp him and watched him sit transfixed at the film clip.  Yep apparently he likes it and just to make sure it wasn't a fluke I you tubed it and he sat there again.

What made me smile this week

Thanks to the fair I nailed a tonne of "C" shopping and thanks to the pre school fundraiser toy catalogues I have nearly finished everything including the nearly 3 year olds birthday presents too.  Patting myself on the back for that one!!

The fair also meant catching up with some very special friends!!  I can't wait for next year when we have a carport up and we can sit and watch the street parade which basically starts at my front door in comfort!!  Although boo to the fact the paraders can't throw lollies at the crowd anymore.

This is basically our last free weekend until the end of December.

Its Friday again which means ciderday or wineday I haven't decided yet!!

Thanks Mother Nature for the cooler weather and rain this week.

Oh and thanks for all the comments this week, I ended up emailing ANZ Stadium and got a reply and will be speaking to someone from there today, will keep you posted!!

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  1. I just spat out my morning snack after reading about you walking around in your pj's sounds like a wino !!!!
    Definitely no MOTY awards for you if you can't even spell !!!!!! LOL isn't it funny how they can find some of the most embarrassing words and then spell them out lound !
    I would love some cooler weather and definitely some rain.
    HAve the best weekend and take care !

  2. Love our local fairs. How annoying about your thong. What a shame about the lollies, next thing we know Santa won't be able to give them out either.

  3. the fair sounds super lovely, especially the parade, we used to have a parade here, sigh, I can't believe that crowd numbers were really dwindling enough to can it. May it was just a lack of people to run it, who knows, glad you get to have one though.

    Thanks for joining in #thingsiknow again

  4. Glad to see life is normal around your way, take care and have a great weekend. xxx Rae

  5. For a moment there I forgot that I was reading an Aussie blog which made your comment on the broken thong a little disturbing.

  6. Sounds like a pretty normal week :) Love how your Cat is Shiraz. Building site and Contractors provide all sorts of entertainment dont they :)

  7. We have such a boring life compared to you and you have a newborn!! Must start buying some more friends :( xx

  8. Our town fair used to have a parade of the school kids, they don't do it anymore. Bonus it starts at your house! We went on holiday an my thong broke as soon as I got out the car. I headed for the local op shop, there was no way I was leaving my arm and leg at the surf shop!!


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