Friday, 8 November 2013

FFS Friday/ Things I Know- 36 days until Bon Jovi

Another week another round of the eye rolling and smiling.


No sooner had I pressed publish on last weeks post my planned quiet weekend came to an end.

A 2 year old with scabby eye and a phone call saying we were having visitors on Saturday.

Off to the chemist we went as I very cleverly remembered you don't need a prescription to get scabby eye drops.  After giving the chemist my diagnosis of what it was (yes I am highly qualified thanks to years of tv medical show watching) we walked out of there with the eye drops and a bottle of clarentine.

Trying to get eye drops into a 2 year old successfully deserves a medal.

Spent Saturday getting ready for our visitors, the 4 year old took himself to bed at 930am and me totally being moty thought he was just being lazy and not wanting to help tidy up.  Fast forward to just after bedtime when he got up with a very high temperature.  Turns out he had not been feeling well all day.

Sunday afternoon and all of Monday I felt like shite with some weird aching joints like when you get the flu but without the flu.

Tuesday afternoon the 4 year old had some weird rash, took him to the chemist before preschool on Wednesday morning to see what it was.  The chemist said it looked like a reaction to something and suggested I give him clarentine which I then had to buy another bottle of or walk home and give him the stuff we already had.

Wednesday and Thursday high temps for the 2 year old.

Hopefully that has ended the week of illness.

After being sick on Monday I wrote a killer #ibot post on Tuesday in my "quiet time" (the time before the kids get up in the morning) all that was left to do was publish and link it up.  In the time it took me to put the clothes in the washing machine and turn it on my post was half deleted and the other half all ass about face.  Thanks kids.

Thursday in "quiet time" I was working on something which I came up with and then could not get to work.  No post then either.


It was nice to have visitors on Saturday and I got to show off my culinary skills!!  Mashed potato bake and Mini frozen lemon cheesecakes were a big hit.  I really love summer nights where you can hang out relaxing outside, despite the mossies!!

After the great quality street eating debate on facebook and instagram I very sensibly stashed the tins I had brought and did not crack them open.  For now anyway!!

We have s very busy Sunday lined up, our local markets, a car show an 18th and mums group chrissy party.  Not sure how we will fit it all in and also it is supposed to pour with rain all weekend but looking forward to all of it!!

I also can't wait to catch up on Homeland tonight and then get my Jax/SOA fix on Saturday night although I do wish we had foxtel then I would be up to date and not watching dvds of old seasons.

Also happy ciderday!!  Well earned this week!!

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  1. Oh no - sick kids are the worst !!! Hope they are all better by now !
    I have one episode of Homeland to watch to be all caught up as well - maybe I will get a chance this weekend.
    36 days to Bon Jovi - I am so very jealous - make sure you look out for his teeth !!!!! I have just managed to book 2 tickets to One Republic on Monday night - not as exciting as BJ but I am looking forward to it anyway !
    Have a great, if busy, weekend !

  2. Oh no lovely what a tough week. Hope all is on the mend. And oh my those cheesecakes...

  3. I hope your mini-epidemic is over now. There's nothing worse than having a house full of sick kids. Unless it's a house full of sick kids and a house full of sick parents as well.

  4. Hmmm my comment just disappeared! I can't remember what I wrote (I really should be in bed lol), so I shall start again!

    What a tough week you've had! Nothing more draining than the kids being sick, and then feeling sick yourself.

    Hope all the lurgies have moved out, and next week is AWESOME for you!

    MC xo


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